Exclusive Mount&Blade Multiplayer Interview with Armagan Yavuz

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Feb 05, 2009 15:54

When we dropped the news from the Paradox press event about the Mount and Blade multiplayer expansion, fans went through the roof. So I figured we HAD to do an interview. Luckily, Paradox Interactive got in contact with me and put me in contact with Armagan Yavuz over at Taleworlds. Here’s what we got from them in regards to the upcoming Mount & Blade multiplayer expansion. Grab the reins, draw your sword and let’s go!

[GDN] Why wasn’t multiplayer included in the original Mount & Blade?
How was the decision to do a multiplayer expansion arrived at for Mount & Blade?

[AY] Players had been requesting Multiplayer functionality since the time we had released our first beta version. However, at the time, our primary focus was the single player gameplay, and we thought we should rather focus on one thing rather than try to do them both at the same time.

After the release of the game, we were free to work on something new. At the same time, we were researching and thinking about how we could implement multiplayer functionality, and we were able to come up with a method that we thought would work well enough. Multiplayer was also something we were very interested in, since we wanted to play against each other ourselves. And lastly, we thought the single-player game would benefit  from this as well, since we would need to improve the
balance and fine-tune combat mechanics.

[GDN] What quarter can we expect to see the expansion released?

[AY] We do not have an ETA yet. We want to work on the expansion until we feel it is ready.

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