Europa Universalis III Complete Review (PC)

Posted by Amy ShortZ Baldry, Feb 09, 2009 16:49


This game truly amazed me with the amount of content and detail that has been put into it, spanning a time scale of 300 years from 1453 – 1789 covering up to 240 countries and provinces some of which I have never even heard of.


This game however is not all about war, although it is important to have a strong army to fight against those rebel uprisings and a good navy to keep those pesky pirates at bay from stealing your weapons and using them against you. Religion, Ethics, trade and diplomacy also have a very important role.

Most of this is controlled in the interface panel which, if you’re finding it hard to cope with at first like I was, the tutorial mode is definitely the best option until you understand what means what and what it does. Most of your gameplay will involve using the interface options available to:

  • Access your empire where you can pass new laws and increase taxes etc
  • Access your ity options where you can expand and grow cities so that they suit certain needs, be it your army/infantry bases, blacksmithing or farming to influence population growth.

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Our Rating for Europa Universalis III Complete Review (PC)
8.0 Replay
Definitely something you would want to pick up again, there are more ways to conquer the world than you would think.
7.5 Graphics
An improvement from previous versions, being able to watch battles close up and flags showing who owns what does give the game more depth.
6.6 Sound
Not too much background music but music accompanying events added drama to situations within the game although some sounds which came with the interactions did become annoying.
8.0 Gameplay
A lot to think about and get engaged with and with so much going on at once you won’t get bored easily
7.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
32 player online games can be set up, for fast complicated yet fun world domination
8.2 Overall
A lot to think about, plan and do, especially finding a game plan that works for you makes this worth adding to your collection.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 2

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