Mirror’s Edge Review (PC)

Posted by Amy ShortZ Baldry, Feb 17, 2009 11:50

In Mirror’s Edge you play as free-running Faith who works for an underground (or over ground) package delivery service in a repressed city. The government wants everyone to behave and act in a certain way and they are watched through cameras constantly to stop anyone who acts out of line or stands in their way. This is why she lives, breaths and works on the rooftops of the city avoiding the “blues” whilst jumping, vaulting, wall running and performing 180 degree jumps to reach the top of buildings to make her deliveries.

As soon as you enter  the beginning of the game you get a sense of the detail of the immense playground set out before you. In the beginning of  story mode you take your training with Cecile and she takes you through the basic movement skills like sliding under vents and swinging on bars between ledges and vents which become useful skills once you master them, I did find this a little hard to get a grip on but it is easy once you get the hang of it. Even disarming the “blues”  and combat training are taught later on in the game and you may find that using different combinations of your movements can combine into making more impressive combat moves and disarming techniques.

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Our Rating for Mirror’s Edge Review (PC)
7.2 Replay
Although the story can be a bit much, the whole concept of this intrigues me I find myself playing again and again
8.6 Graphics
Very detailed I would find some of the tallest viewpoints just to be bewildered by the complex thought that must have gone into making it so good
7.6 Sound
Realistic sound effects and great intro music combined with the drama added by the music in game makes it more than tolerable
8.4 Gameplay
Although mastering the controls is my only complaint there are enough things in place to help you out and the new platform opportunities it opens up a whole new aspect to the gamer
6.8 Multiplayer/Online Content
A good way of competing with friends but I feel more could be done to make it more exciting for the online social gamer
8.8 Overall
A great game from the guys at E A and something that I can imagine will capture the imaginations of many gamers out there.

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