Penumbra Collection Review (PC)

Posted by Ramses Ozymandias Sanchez, Feb 25, 2009 13:44

I have to make a shocking confession that might aid some to precipitate toward the edge of oblivion. I’ve never played a true “Survival Horror” game since the days of old: Resident Evil 1 through 3. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being horrified to the point of madness from time to time, but I don’t particularly favor the commonly overdone scare tactics of most “scary” games. You run around constricted environments and occasionally battle the recurring monsters that seem to jump out of the weirdest places.

The Penumbra Collection, published by Paradox Interactive and created by the two-man wonder team dubbed Frictional Games, brings together two amazing games: Penumbra: Overture and Penumbra: Black Plague, and one mediocre, if not completely pointless, third game: Penumbra: Requiem. Both Overture and Black plague offer a good number of scares and provide two complex plot-lines—albeit some plot developments are completely ridiculous and certainly uncalled for. On the other hand, Requiem (the last game of the series) is a rare anomaly, radically budding from the caliber of work illustrated by the last two games.

You play an unknown character named Phillip that one day randomly receives a letter from his father, who’s been “dead” for 30 years. As Phil, you are commanded to destroy some documents accompanied by a map of a Greenland locale. Obviously, Phil opts to disobey his father’s abrupt command and curiously wanders over to Greenland in search for the random map location, needless to say that events transpire in a downward spiral of confusion and terror as Phil gets separated from his party due to a blizzard and takes shelter in a seemingly abandoned mine.

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Our Rating for Penumbra Collection Review (PC)
3.0 Replay
There’s no incentive at all to play again, but each game takes anywhere from six to ten hours of completion.
7.0 Graphics
Lack of any cut-scenes is disappointing and overall the graphics aren’t stunning, but successfully convey Phil’s environment.
8.6 Sound
Paramount to the psychologically-driven experience and overall game’s horror. Great ambience tracks bolster the experience.
5.5 Gameplay
Frustratingly average combat system coupled with tight controls and contextual physical activities. The game heavily relies on reading.
0.1 Multiplayer/Online Content
6.6 Overall
The Penumbra Collection offers an enjoyable experience, unforgettable ambiance, and overall you’re getting two good games worthy of being in anyone’s collection, and one not so great game.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 3

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