Spectromancer Review (PC)

Posted by Amy ShortZ Baldry, Feb 26, 2009 12:03

Not being a card game player at all I was very sceptical when beginning this game but as I started to play  I discovered that there was certainly more to it than I thought. It wasn’t just your dull point and click card Spectromancer Title Screengame get it done and give your brain a quick work out in the quickest time possible. You need to think about what card is best for the situation how it’s going to benefit you and defeat your enemy based of what it is capable of. Never judge a game until you have given it a fair shot!

In campaign mode you need to choose your mage’s specialty power out of six options chaos, mechanical, holy, illusion, control and death choosing one of these specialties gives you special cards which can help defeat enemy mages. Other cards you are given seem to be universal cards that all other players have which fall into the earth, fire and air categories. In order to use these cards in  earth, fire, air and your chosen specialty you need casting points for your cards to become available. Cards all have a life span, a certain amount of attack power and some even have healing for your creatures and yourself. The object of the game is to defeat the other mage by using your cards to deplete their life (similar to Yu-Gi-Oh) in order to gain shards and rewards such as more game cards, totems and rings which can add to your firepower and strength at the begging of future battles.

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Our Rating for Spectromancer Review (PC)
8.0 Replay
Once you get into it, I found myself becoming absorbed into the game sometimes losing an hour at a time.
8.0 Graphics
The graphics certainly do the game justice, things are clearly marked and it’s easy to see what you’re doing.
7.0 Sound
The sound effects unquestionably complement the gameplay although the constant flute playing music does get grating after a while.
8.0 Gameplay
Looks can be deceiving, more to think about than just throwing any card into play you need to think about what you’re doing, one wrong play can lose the battle.
7.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
With the chance to play more experienced players online it can give you a new challenge.
8.0 Overall
This game has more to offer than it first appears once you get a grasp on the basic mechanics you find yourself becoming more engaged and wanting to progress further making it a great card game.

Rating: 4.5, votes: 22

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