Supreme ruler 2020: Global Crisis Review (PC)

Posted by Amy ShortZ Baldry, Feb 27, 2009 15:42

This new add-on from the original supreme ruler 2020 is nothing short of completely worth its money in content with over 15 new campaigns and situations to get your nation through especially when Russia have a lot of control with their trades routes to the western world and China giving them support, the world sees a new super power emerging. If you haven’t yet played the original Supreme Ruler 2010 or Supreme Ruler 2020 then know that this game is something for all those of you who love a good challenge and are able to make decisions on the massive amounts of statistics based on politics of what’s going on in your county and others around you to achieve  world domination.
I, being one of these people who hadn’t played the previous version, found it took me a while to get used to the various controls within the game. Even though there was a tutorial which gave you advice in each of the areas you needed to know about I found it didn’t give much information and only covered things briefly so I had to figure the interface out on my own anyway. Also the amount of statistical information provided on pretty much everything like trade, military and religious influence’s made it that even more confusing. After a day of playing and figuring it out, things did start to make sense and I felt like the plans were coming together in my god-like control.

With the amount of information the game held and the various visual screens which tell you different aspects of what your country needs, provides or needs improved the graphics were nothing short of what it needed to be although when you zoomed in for battles and city attacks it does become pixelated and lacks detail. It’s not the entire essence of the game and provides as much insight as to what is going on as what you need to know and doesn’t affect the game play in anyway.

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Our Rating for Supreme ruler 2020: Global Crisis Review (PC)
7.0 Replay
The amount of information and time I had to take to get into game play did put me off wanting to play it very often.
6.0 Graphics
Certainly did the job that you needed them to but could have been a bit more detailed with the zoom in things like battles.
7.0 Sound
With music specific to the country you are in it does undeniably give the game character, sound effects not too annoying. Songs somewhat repetitive.
7.0 Gameplay
Masses of information to take in to rule your country successfully can become tricky but once you get used to the basics and start playing around it’s not a problem.
7.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
With the chance to play with 16 other players it could become more interesting but not for the amateurs as it is fast-paced.
6.0 Overall
absolutely not for your novice strategy gamer. A very tricky interface and controls mean it’s something that requires much of your time. But as an expansion to a great game that has many fans it certainly keeps you occupied that little bit longer.

Rating: 3.0, votes: 1

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