Kings Bounty: The Legend Review

Posted by Amy ShortZ Baldry, Mar 19, 2009 14:57

Grab your sword and your horse and begin your magical adventure fighting monsters and gaining experience through battles and traveling to new lands in order to fight for your kingdom and king. You get the choice of being a paladin, warrior or a mage, each with their own set of skills and spell’s which help you in battle to fight for your pride. For this review I chose to be a mage, I figured they would do more damage with their spells and firepower. Maybe if you’re new to the game a paladin offering both magic and might may be a better option but I like to things the difficult way.
 On first appearances I was quite impressed with the layout of things. I wasn’t however impressed with the actual game controls itself. I like to use both hands when playing a game not this whole point and click thing. Nice concept for the casual gamer who cannot be bothered with complicated controls but I personally didn’t find that it engaged me enough to want to keep playing that much. But this was really my only flaw with the game. Once you get through your training and get to grips with the very basic controls you are left to quest around the lands with a very intriguing turn based battle scenario’s on hexagonal shaped grid’s where u have to summon your minions in order to defeat the enemy mobs. In the beginning, it was pretty easy mainly so you can get used to the layout of things. As you start questing properly the battles does require more thought and slowly become more difficult. Gaining experience as you end each battle and gold can help you with the next battle and help you to purchase more powerful armour and weapons adding to your stats.

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Our Rating for Kings Bounty: The Legend Review
7.5 Replay
I certainly enjoyed replaying this seeing where my adventures would take me and levelling my wee character was a tad addictive
8.0 Graphics
Slightly cartoonish, but great attention to detail certainly allot of effort put into landscapes and views from all angles
7.0 Sound
Certainly compliments the game and the music not too overly annoying sound FX not to overly annoying either
7.5 Gameplay
Very much a point and click game but the content of quests and battle scenario’s very detailed and slightly different from other RPG’s currently on the market
0.1 Multiplayer/Online Content
Not Available
7.5 Overall
Not a bad remake great new concept to an originally dated game, more could be done for the actual movement but as for everything else highly recommendable

Rating: 3.5, votes: 4

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