Wheelman Review (PC)

Posted by Aleksey Idea_generator Filonov , Apr 09, 2009 08:22

I had heard a lot about this game before the release date and I was impatient to have the dvd on my shelf.

The One-Paragraph Version
Good camera effects and gameplay combine to make the game worth checking out. Too bad it’s missing a few things and feels like a rehash of the Transporter made into a game. Missing multiplayer, less than stellar sound and limited replayability drag the game score down a litte. But still a fairly good game in the end.
Well, although the system requirements mentioned are a bit higher than the configuration of my PC, the script-movie at the menu’s background ran rather smoothly which was a good sign. I chose settings, then graphics and the only setting is resolution.

The intro is rather attractive (I’m not going to spoil your own experience) and suddenly, it starts! I like when you are thrown into the action in the first seconds. You start running from the cops. And only after finishing it did I manage to take a deep breath. That was amazing! Just like if you were the film-director, the awesome camera-effects and places you drive through are impressive. After that you receive some spare time to roam round the city and get used to the driving scheme.

If you compare driving schemes in GTA: VICE CITY and WHEELMAN, the first tends to be a driving-simulator. Although the driving is totally arcade here, you will understand the reasons for it shortly. The thing that disappointed me was the poor variety of cars. Even the mentioned above Vice city has more cars available. On the other hand I have to admit that the level of detail is great! Each car looks very attractive and sweet (I think you know what I mean). There is even one motorcycle. To say that your car (and even moto) is solid as a tank is an understatement. You may smash and break an entire park or ram 5-6 enemies’ cars until your own gets critically damaged. It’s terribly unrealistic, but on the other hand – it won’t be possible to organize such wonderful Hollywood-like chases without it.

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Our Rating for Wheelman Review (PC)
7.0 Replay
Side missions give the game some value in going back and finishing them all, but no multiplayer drags it down.
8.0 Graphics
Great car models, good camera-effects...well done.
6.0 Sound
No audio controls allowing to switch tracks etc. Overall not bad, just not fantastic.
9.0 Gameplay
Jumping from car to car, shooting, slow-mo. Sure it might be like the Transporter and it has Vin Diesel, but it’s still fun.
0.1 Multiplayer/Online Content
N/A - Perhaps the first update will be a multiplayer mode?
7.5 Overall
A pretty cool game with only some minor flaws that hold it back from being fantastic. Missing a lot of settings options

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