Burn Zombie Burn Review

Posted by Alex Element457 Ramirez, Apr 20, 2009 08:17

Perhaps at first looking like a younger sibling to Left 4 Dead, burn Zombie Burn! takes a completely different approach to the zombie apocalypse by treating it as ridiculous as the whole concept really sounds. Its ludicrous setting makes for some ridiculously fun gameplay, and its clever tongue-in-cheek humor is the equivalent for zombie games as Shaun of the Dead was for zombie movies. With that said, does the fun last?

Borrowing elements from other zombie mediums, most of the influences on BZB! are unmistakable. A lawnmower from Brain Dead makes an appearance while a cricket bat from the previously mentioned Shaun of the Dead is in full capacity for the title. All of the levels are inspired from more classic horror movies, but the blend of the old with the new is what makes BZB! so irresistibly charming. The gameplay, which is about the fastest and most frantic thing I’ve ever seen in an arcade title, is a blast to play and really puts the scale of the difficulty into your hands. By correlating fire with power-ups, the intensity and difficulty of each individual play session is really up to you.Burn Zombie Burn What truly makes BZB!, however, is the fact that the game is coop, and trust me, this is exactly the type of game you dream about playing with a friend.

Sadly for us though, Doublesix has designed the game to where you must complete the level on single player before being able to play through it with a pal. Luckily, it doesn’t take long to unlock other levels, but it is still something that should be noted.

Truth be told, the graphics and sound probably get a few more laughs and considerations than it deserves, but the production values for the title are almost always certainly present. All in all, Burn Zombie Burn! is a very complete package that you’ll be playing for quite some time, so grab your shotgun, grab your lawnmower, and prepare for what I imagine will be one of the most successful arcade titles of the year.


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9.0 Overall
BZB! unbelievably fun gameplay and humor take it to levels that other zombie apocalypse titles could only dream of reaching.

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