Wizard101 Review (PC)

Posted by Amy ShortZ Baldry, Apr 22, 2009 11:55

Grab your wand and your hat and get ready for Wizard101 the new MMORPG from Kingsisle entertainment. Its here to prove itself as the World Of Warcraft for the younger generation of gamers and it looks like it’s here to stay and offer a great influence on the young gaming lives.

That’s right World of Warcraft for the younger generation but in a more magical and mystical way. You get to create your wizard focused on fire, ice or a death specializationn and level it up through one of the many worlds to choose from, moo shu being the world of cows and goats which resembles the samurai dynasty of Japan and marleybone which looks very similar London in the early 1920’s strangely populated by cats and dogs as policemen and bandits. The layout of these worlds are very well designed and allow you to run around the ground level and make your way to the rooftops to find more quests and bad guys who try not to let you stand in their way. 

The turn based battle mode within this game was very confusing at the beginning even for me. When you enter battle with an enemy you enter a circular grid which then takes it in turns for you and your opponent to cast spells on one another. Spells come in the form of cards which are purchased when you level up from a card vendor within the area’s shopping district. Each card has a damage rating and some cards even offer protection from other spells.

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Our Rating for Wizard101 Review (PC)
7.5 Replay
This game is something I can even see adults wanting to play again with the need to level and develop your character as well as exploring new area’s of the game.
7.0 Graphics
the graphics unquestionably do the game justice especially for a children’s game but there is no lack of detail especially when in battle mode and casting spells against enemy’s
7.5 Sound
With music accompanying each area of the game it can get a ill annoying but the sound effects work well especially when casting spells
7.0 Gameplay
Really simple controls and turn based battles make it easy and fun to level your character. The quest’s are challenging and threes plenty of them to keep you entertained for ages
8.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Group instances, parental controls are spot on and the only thing I was slightly disappointed with was the chatting system.
7.5 Overall
this game is made for the younger gamer and it offers so much in the way of online gaming and socializing but in a very safe environment at the same time.

Rating: 3.7, votes: 9

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