Eclipse Gaming Mouse Review

Posted by Alex Element457 Ramirez, Apr 27, 2009 15:10

Since storming in, the latest mouse from OCZ Technology has had our office buzzing for the past several weeks or so. Its unique features, while some of them may not be as deep as others, make the Eclipse Gaming Mouse a pretty impressive package. The question is, is it worth the price tag though?

Starting with the basics, The Eclipse is the most ergonomically designed mouse I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I can’t ever remember using a mouse that was even as remotely comfortable as the Eclipse and it really makes the mouse worth the price tag by itself. To help market and sell the mouse, however, OCZ Technology has included some really great features. Its superb DPI sensor is razor sharp, and it meets the quota of gaming mouse’s today by featuring the standard five buttons with left to right scrolling. Also, the staff over OCZ seems to truly understand that there are different types of games out there and each has their own specific needs for their respective genres. By giving you customization over the mouse, you can change what each button does on your mouse for each specific genre (sports, shooter, platforms, etc.) and four different sensitivities can be hot-keyed to its quick changer for on the fly switching.

Living in a household with four different gamers? No problem. The mouse allows up to four different gamer profiles and settings to be saved. My only complaint with the mouse, while The Eclipse does feature a customizable weight system, it’s not as deep as other mouses on the market. All in all, it’s a very small complaint for such an impressive mouse.

I have a strong feeling that its agronomical and durable design is going to be embracing my hand for quite some time, which makes the mouse well worth every penny. Trust me, you owe it to yourself to get this mouse.


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Our Rating for Eclipse Gaming Mouse Review
9.5 Overall
This is the most impressive mouse I’ve ever had the chance to use and should continue to stay that way for years to come.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 6

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