BaDaBoo Review (iPhone)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jun 05, 2009 20:59

The games on the iPhone are getting better and the charge to great gaming is being led by a few publishers. Bulkypix is one of those publishers and BaDaBoo is one of those games.

Now don’t get me wrong, BaDaBoo isn’t perfect. It’s missing some things that would make it even better. But it’s a quick, simple and surprisingly fun game. Your goal is to read the highest score possible. You do this by taking the Bada and with your finger slamming it into the Boos. The Boos will change colors with each hit and if you manage to get them the same color as the BaDa at the end of the level (4 shots per level) then you get extra points. Get them all the same color for a mega-bonus.

And that’s all she wrote. Bulkypix did a good job on this game in many aspects. The whole visual style of the game is cool and smooth. They really did a ghood job of taking a simple concept and turning it into a visually pleasing experience.

The sounds are equally well done with a nice tune playing in the background and the cries of the Boos not being annoying surprisingly. There’s some perverse pleasure to be gained by flinging the BaDa as hard as you can into those little guys and racking up points whilst they fly around the screen. The the most non-violent game of violence I’ve ever seen and I really like it.

On the other hand there is some strategy to the otherwise mindless wonton. You will want to try to get all those little guys the same color and score the big point bonus. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll just take out some of your aggressions from the day on them. Haha! Suckers!

The game is lacking some enhancements that would have made it even greater. For example some online score capability aside from the Facebook interface where you can connect and post your score. The game could also do with more than just the one level game that it is. Perhaps some other mode, some head-to-head or some form of challenges.

Ah well, we can’t have everything we want now can we? At least we can slam the Boos about and feel better, if that’s your sort of thing.

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Our Rating for BaDaBoo Review (iPhone)
8.5 Overall
Could do with some game diversity but otherwise really well done. Keep at it Bulkypix!

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