Fallout 3: Point Lookout Review (Xbox 360)

Posted by Jim Cook, Jun 25, 2009 05:17

It seems that Broken Steel is not the last DLC pack for Fallout 3, and that’s a good thing. Point Lookout is very different from the previous three, both in scope and theme. Taking place in post-war Maryland, many of the troubles you’re familiar with in the Capital Wasteland are gone... but far more troubling foes await.

The main area of Point Lookout is easy to get to, since you’ll be notified of a ferry arriving a few minutes after you install this DLC pack. The only problem here is the ferry charges a lot of money to take you there (and will charge again to take you back, so be sure you have plenty of caps), which isn’t a good start. Once you’re there however, you’ll get to explore a very large environment with a great mix of civilized areas, abandoned buildings, swamps, and other locations. It’s not as large as the main world of Fallout 3, but there is easily several hours worth of content here.

With over thirty locations, you’ll be exploring

for a while. Just be sure to bring your best weapons along, since even some of the random encounters try to evoke a horror movie feeling and take absurd amounts of damage; one was still going after four direct hits from a missile launcher! But be sure to leave some inventory room open, because Point Lookout has a lot of new weapons to play with and a fair number of them are worth having. Of special interest is that many items evoke a ’rural’ theme, which could probably be used to make a stereotypical redneck character if you’re so inclined.

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Our Rating for Fallout 3: Point Lookout Review (Xbox 360)
8.0 Replay
Probably the main point of this DLC pack, since the main quest line within it is only a fraction of what it offers. Plenty of new weapons and around thirty new locations mean you’ll be coming back.
7.0 Graphics
Some interesting visual effects come up in a few quests, though many areas are a little too dark.
6.5 Sound
It’s mostly the decent acting you’ve come to expect, but there are some serious QA gaffes; lots of spoken lines don’t even come close to matching their subtitles.
8.5 Gameplay
Aside from just how hard it is (I came in with over 100 Stimpacks and used most of them just on the main quest), it’s a ton of fun and the new weapons are worthwhile.
0.1 Multiplayer/Online Content
Not applicable, this is a single-player game only.
8.0 Overall
The best Fallout 3 expansion yet, and easily worth buying.

Rating: 4.7, votes: 3

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