Saitek P3200 Rumble (PC Gamepad)

Posted by Jim Cook, Jun 30, 2009 05:41

Edited on July 3, 2009: The Linux results on page 2 have been updated with more info, as the pad works better than the author initially knew at the time this review was originally submitted.

Special Notes: The "SST" Profile software that comes with this gamepad is an old version. I strongly recommend you visit Saitek’s download page and pick up the new version, as it makes programming this pad much easier. Also, this review covers the PC gamepad; Saitek also offers a similarly-named "PP35 P3200" that is a PC and Xbox 360 pad; that one is not being reviewed in this article.

Evaluating a general purpose gamepad like this is a little odd, since the only thing that absolutely has to be determined is simply, "Does it work with most typical games?" After a little tinkering with this pad, the answer is yes. It requires a little effort to get it working with some titles, but once you do you’ll find this pad is comfortable to hold and works great.

The P3200 Rumble as a retail package consists of a box with the controller itself, and a driver CD which may not even be needed depending on your OS. The controller feels solid and has good angles to fit your hands, and most of the buttons and analog sticks are the same way. The only real complaint about this is that the USB cord is a little short, but not to the point of being a major problem. The gamepad itself has a 8-Way POV Switch as a directional pad, two analog sticks (which can be pressed in as additional buttons), six buttons on the front (though only four are close enough to be used in conjunction with one another), two shoulder buttons, and two triggers. Force feedback is also included, and feels pretty solid.

So how did it do? I ran it through a variety of game types, with interesting results.

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Our Rating for Saitek P3200 Rumble (PC Gamepad)
8.0 Overall
A good all-around pad. While unsuitable for some specialized genres, it does fine in most games and feels good in your hands.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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