Wii Sports Resort Review (Wii)

Posted by Jim Cook, Aug 11, 2009 10:12

Multiplayer Note: Wii Sports Resort only comes with one Wii MotionPlus (and expanded jacket for it). If you plan to do any multiplayer beyond handing the controller between individual players, you will need to buy additional MotionPlus attachments, which tend to retail for about $20 US. Also note that some events use the Nunchuk attachment (which can connect to the MotionPlus due to that attachment having its own expansion port), and each player will need one of those as well if you play any event needing this.

Wii Sports Resort has a pretty big task to live up to; much like the original Wii Sports was what sold most of us on the Wii Remote concept, Resort must convince players and developers that the extra sensors in the MotionPlus attachment will make gaming on the Wii even better. You shouldn’t think of Resort as a full-fledged game, but rather as like buying a MotionPlus at normal price, followed by picking up a $25-30 disc that shows you the attachment’s potential with lots of smaller games, each showing a different idea.

You do get a fair variety for your money, as the initial lineup of twelve sports all have unlockable extra modes. Sometimes these range from minor variants on an idea, but in other cases it’s something almost completely new to do. You start off with air sports (skydiving onto the resort island is in fact the game’s interactive intro sequence), archery, basketball, bowling (almost identical to the original Wii Sports version), canoeing, cycling, Frisbee, golf (also very similar to the Wii Sports version), power cruising, swordplay, table tennis, and wakeboarding. I’ll go over each one quickly below.

Air Sports - Skydiving: This sport is also the game’s intro sequence, playing after the MotionPlus tutorial video is over. Your Mii jumps out of a perfectly good airplane, trying to mid-air stunts and formations with other divers. The controls are easy, you just tilt and turn the Wii Remote as though it were your Mii’s body. While this mode wears out its welcome quickly, it’s certainly a good introduction to the MotionPlus attachment, and sets the game’s mood; it’s how your character arrives on the Resort island, after all.

Air Sports - Island Flyover: Probably one of the best things Resort has to offer, letting you control a plane and fly all over the island and much of its surrounding water. While there is no true way to win or lose, that’s fine; the island is suitably large and simply flying through it offers a lot of things to explore. The plane is reasonably agile, able to do a few stunts, and even has some non-lethal guns to go target shooting (such as popping balloons). Resort suggests you treat the Wii Remote like a paper airplane for this mode, but several styles work too.

Air Sports - Dogfighting: A ’versus only’ mode where you must have two MotionPlus attachments, because you and another person go head to head. It takes most of the concepts in Island Flyover and adds another player, though you’re no longer flying to explore; you’re trying to burst one another’s tail balloon. It’s a little more complex than that, but this gets the idea across.

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Our Rating for Wii Sports Resort Review (Wii)
6.0 Replay
A few modes have a surprising number of secrets, and this is an easy choice for repeat plays with those not too familiar with more complex games.
6.0 Graphics
Essentially on par with other Nintendo first party releases meant to showcase the Wii; you have Miis, very cartoony and bright 3D graphics, and so on. While not technologically impressive, they do their job just fine.
6.0 Sound
Good sound effects are joined by soft music that is sometimes hard to even notice.
8.5 Gameplay
No one activity on this disc is amazingly deep, but most of them are competent, enjoyable experiences and the price is certainly right.
7.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
Some modes are distinctly more fun with another human, though buying extra MotionPlus attachments can get expensive in a hurry.
8.0 Overall
Fun for players of all skill levels, Wii Sports Resort is decently entertaining and shows some real potential for the new MotionPlus attachment.

Rating: 4.3, votes: 3

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