Battlefield Heroes Review (PC)

Posted by Amy Shortz Baldry, Aug 12, 2009 01:35

Welcome soldier! If you want fun, frolics, and manic mayhem you’ve come to the right place. You’ve just enrolled in Battleground Heroes the new fun and free World War 2 browser game from EA games. This game is not based on actual fact of WWII happenings but is more so the theme with the British/ American alliance joining force to create the royal army combating against the very communist national party.

The aim of the game is easy. Your deployed onto a game server and there are flags dotted around the environment be it a harbour or a seaside town. Your job is to capture and defend these flags and the team who has the most flags at the end of the time allocated to the game wins. simple idea yet so much fun and certainly kept me entertained for a very long time.

The game is pretty easy to download you can either sign up on the site or use your EA login to get going straight away, there’s a small download which provides you with the content of the game and then your on you way. Upon entering your game and making your choice of army, you get the option to choose one of three classes commando which offers the ability to sneak up on opponents using stealth and invisibility with a knife or a sniper rifle, this class does seem a popular choice with a lot of player but I didn’t find it very fun.

Soldiers are important in the way of boosting the health of allied players on the battlefield but this was the only bonus of this class I found as it did nothing of great deal to improve the impact of which the game turned out. Gunners are my all time favorite running around shooting the hell out of opponents and generally getting deep into the thick of the action.

Another thing that makes this game great would be the use of vehicles such as jeeps, tanks and aircraft these are all pretty easy to use and do offer a nice alternative other than running around terrain looking for your enemies. All the controls are pretty easy to get to grips with its just mouse and keyboard and if you feel you need more practice the tutorial offers all the time you need in order to get used to things.

The point system come in three forms and can all be spent on improving your characters weapons, emotes, and even clothes. Valour points are gained by completing specific missions during game play and can be used to buy vehicle repair kits and health packs. Hero points and experience points are gained through regular play and accumulate over time. Also the number of kills you have during the game play give you experience points and enables you to level up.

Graphically this game is awesome for a browser based game the environments are colourful and interactive and the servers seem smooth enough to offer a great frame rate for quick and fun game play. The sound effects are superb and add dimension and depth within the game from distant gunfire to an explosion right under your feet the only problem I did have was the menu music the whistling did get a little bit to much after a while and had to be adjusted.

Overly this game is something I’m going to continue to play its great for a spare half an hour of your time where you find yourself with not too much to do but not wanting to get too involved in something. Its something for any gamer of any age and incredibly fun at the same time. The best thing about it is its absolutely free!

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Our Rating for Battlefield Heroes Review (PC)
8.0 Replay
Playing this game offers hours of fun and there’s always things to make you want to keep playing more like the reward scheme and owning other players on the field
7.5 Graphics
Considering this is a web-based game the graphics are detailed and smooth very pleasing to the eye indeed
6.5 Sound
The only annoying thing about this was the menu music or constant same tune of whistling apart from that the sound effects rocked and were very handy
8.5 Gameplay
Pretty easy to grasp and everything is in the 5 minute tutorial its one of those games that seems too easy to play making it very fun at the same time!
8.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Great and awesome! this game relies on other players for its complete player vs. player content making the game what it is, the servers are reliable and fast you rarely see much lag at all. the best thing most certainly has to be that its all free
8.5 Overall
This is fast becoming one of my favorite quick play, but playable for hours games, its fun and easy to play and you find yourself screaming at the screen when your opponent downs you certainly suitable for any age and most definitely even the casual gamer.

Rating: 1.3, votes: 3

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