The Sims 3 Mini-Review

Posted by Amy Shortz Baldry, Sep 17, 2009 08:41

Welcome to another escape into your own virtual life with EA’s latest version of the Sims, but as this franchise has been around for a long time, does this latest installment of people and life controlling really offer anything different from previous versions. Well I’m here to tell you.

This game really does offer an escapism for those who think that they are not living the perfect life they would like so why not make your ideal life in a virtual world where you can make your sim do what they like, when they like and have the career path you’ve dream of and make relationships work (or not) with who you would like. The great thing about this version of the game is that your sim can go where you want it to go. You’re not confined to having to look at the same house a lot of the time because you can’t go anywhere else. Another great thing I found about this is when you first start playing, you normally get those nosey pesky neighbours wanting to come over and introduce themselves before you’ve even settled in. This is not the case if you don’t want your sim to meet anyone until you feel comfortable with the interface they don’t come knocking, instead you get the opportunity to go over and interrupt their day.

The interface options are pretty much the same from all the other franchises except maybe just a tiny bit more shiny and organised. But if you find them unfamiliar then the tutorial is always available along with handy tips. Maintaining your sim also has a few other options as well as the relationship, happiness and career meter you also get to keep an eye on and maintain their own personal goals these can range from getting a game console to learning a new recipe achieving these goals make your sims happy but also have to be organised into the daily routine of your sim so prioritising is certainly a must. As we know the Sims isn’t just about maintaining a happy life for an individual or family, there’s also the opportunity to construct the environment in which they live in adjusting terrain and building your dream house, although it may take a while to get all the fantastic dream furnishings that makes a sim show home.

If you wish to share your sims lots, furnishings and even characters you can do so on the Sim Exchange. It doesn’t really offer much in the way of actual multi-player content but more of a place where you can share your creations and blogs and even videos of yours sims. Personally I never really found this to be of any use to me as it does not really alter the gameplay experience. It just offers somewhere for other sim-fanatics to share their virtual lives.

Graphically there hasn’t been much improvement on previous versions but the towns and the freedom that you have in the town does give the game more and if your wanting to look elsewhere on the map then you don’t have to wait what could sometimes seem a life time for the frame to catch up with your movements across the screen. So it may not seem like the performance has improved ten-fold since the last version, but it is getting there slowly. It’s just not obvious on first appearances as to what is better. The sounds within the game haven’t really changed, the sims still talk in the same language they always have although it does seem as though they are not repeating the same conversation every time they talk.

This latest installment is definitely worth a buy especially if you have been a fan of the previous versions of the games it offers hours of gameplay and plenty to do. It will just be interesting to see how much they can improve and explore different concepts of the Sims this time around. I do wonder what is it that they can possibly come up with next surely they have to be running out of ideas now. How about Sim Superheroes?

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