Ulti-mat Breathe F-X3 Review

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Oct 07, 2009 19:03

Ultimat sent over the latest in their mousemat line the Breathe F-X3. If you recall I did a quick rundown of all their other ones some time ago (Ulti-mat Showdown - April).

The F-X3 is big and takes up a lot of precious desk space. So at times finding a place for it to sit is a problem as it is 380mm x 320mm. However, the mat itself is quite nice and the 4mm thick fabric-coated rubber padding makes for a great mouse surface. For Americans those measurements are  (14.97inch x 12.61inch x 0.15 inch).

Using my Cyber Snipa Stinger was a breeze on the Breathe F-X3 and this mat has now become my standard, putting the old Cyber Snipa mat on the secondary PC. The low friction fabric they’ve used on this one makes a great companion to the Teflon feet of the Stinger and I don’t believe I’ve ever had a smoother ride.

Sure the size is massive and you might have to move some things around on your gaming space to fit this into it but you won’t be sorry. The slick fabric really does make a difference and when you’ve got a good mouse to go with this mat you’ll find yourself barely pushing your mouse and still getting great response. The mat does nothing for accuracy or anything technical like that, but it does certainly help you get the mouse moving a fraction of a second faster and with less exertion.

You can find out where to pick up Ulti-mat products here:

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This massive mat takes up a lot of real estate but will give you a fast, smooth mouse area.

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