Touch KO Review (iPhone)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Oct 09, 2009 10:44

Chillingo scores Touch KOanother fist to the chin with Touch KO. Built on the Unity platform it looks good and sounds good too. The game is well-rounded with two modes, high scores, achievements and even character progression. In Quick fight mode you pick a fighter, an opponent and get down to business. In Career mode you’ve got a bit more to play with and can do some character customization including tattoos.

Touch KO has all the basic boxing moves including straight jabs, hooks and uppercuts. You even have blocking, dodging and sidestepping. It’s a lot of screen tapping to get an opponent onto the mat as some of them recover stamina rather quickly and that means you need to keep at them. TOuch KOOf course you might take a more technical approach and stick and move to win on points. The game is a good representation of the boxing genre and that’s something considering the platform.

The controls are simple taps and slides on the touch screen making the game quick to learn and easy to control. Sometimes my character would throw an uppercut when I wanted a hook but my strategy was all out attack so as long as the punch landed I was OK with that.

The graphics aren’t all that amazing in Touch KO but using the Unity platform for iPhone design seems to be a pretty good way to have a nice looking game with a lot of functionality. There are some jagged edges which is to be expected given the platform and the character models are not emotive and somewhat squarish in certain features.

The soundtrack is pretty well put together and there’s an option to build your own playlist which I am unfortunately not able to do as I don’t have the iPhone OS 3.0 installed at present.

Overall Touch KO is a pretty good boxing title on a platform that gives you an interactive feel. Just remember, you don’t have to tap your screen hard to hit your opponent hard.

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8.0 Overall
I don’t generally dig boxing titles but this game is well put together all around. Could be a contender for some App Store Dollars

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