Bullet Candy Perfect Review (PC)

Posted by Chris Cesarano, Oct 22, 2009 10:59

It would seem the top-down shooter genre is getting a bit of a make-over after the success of Geometry Wars, as Bullet Candy Perfect, from Charlie’s Games, looks and plays in a similar manner. In fact, the two are almost the same game.

In Bullet Candy Perfect you are capable of moving in a completely different direction than you are shooting, which becomes useful when fending off hordes of projectile shooting foes while trying to keep alive. You can collect what look like little pills on the stage to increase your score as well as increase the power of your lasers. If you manage to collect all of the pills then all enemies on the screen will be destroyed. This is often a quick way to run out of lives, however, and ultimately isn’t worth it.

There are a variety of enemies with different attack patterns. Some merely try and home in on the player, others only occasionally shoot a homing weapon that can be destroyed. Others blast a large series of hard-to-dodge lasers while spinning in circles as others slide along the edge of the game screen acting as a real nuisance. Overall there is a great variety in the foes you’ll face as you progress to greater difficulties.

The levels act similarly to the Horde mode in Gears of War, where every tenth stage is increasingly hard, the eleventh is a break and the difficulty eases up a bit. In addition, if you die you can continue from where you left off or close to it. There is a checkpoint every fifth level and you can start wherever you want in the game.

On the whole, however, there isn’t much to make the game stand-out. It’s just another top-down shooter with pretty graphics and a lot of stuff going on at once. The price is just right as you can pay whatever you want on the Charlie’s Games website (well, minimum of one dollar at least). If you really like the game you can donate as much as you want. If you don’t want to invest much then a dollar is all they ask.

Overall the most value this game has is as a time killer when you have a few free minutes or nothing better to do. Or maybe instead of playing Solitaire at work you’d prefer a more colorful challenge. Overall the game is merely the hardcore gaming equivalent of Minesweeper. It can be addictive and absorb hours of your life, but most players will only spend a few minutes with it before moving on to something else.


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Our Rating for Bullet Candy Perfect Review (PC)
9.5 Replay
A game in this genre is built off of replay value, as it is just as fun the fiftieth time as it is the first.
7.0 Graphics
Pretty in their simplicity, but nothing majorly impressive
8.0 Sound
Neat techno soundtrack with an old-school robotic feel to the announcer to provide some personality to the game.
7.0 Gameplay
Pretty standard fare, but does a good job without being a complete clone of other games.
4.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Nothing more than leaderboards to add to the experience online.
7.0 Overall
There’s nothing noteworthy, but it’s by no means a bad title. Worth $1 at the very least.

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