Hands-on With Hidden expedition: Everest

Posted by Amy Baldry, Nov 04, 2009 11:11

These hidden expedition games are pretty popular with the casual gamer and this latest version from Big Fish Games is no exception. You are in a team of leading explorers which need to make their way around the world competing in a race against other explorer teams eventually ending up at Everest and with America’s most-experienced high-altitude mountaineer helping you out, how can you go wrong?.

During game play you are given a very detailed picture of an area or place be it the Amazon or a Thai temple and a list of items to find within the picture. With all the colours and amount of detail put into these pictures you may be shocked at how much of a challenge it is to find some of the items hiding within other items, almost completely frustrating! if you do get stuck then there is always the hint option which shows a circle of where the item you are looking for might be, although it does not show you where it is exactly. Which really does not help if you have many blonde moments like I do and still find yourself sitting there aimlessly staring at the screen.

There are also bonus gems and secret items which can add to more points and getting your team in the lead against all the other teams. Gaining the lead in front of the other competing teams solely relies on how quickly you can find all the items within the picture and with this game being a very simple point and click it’s really not that hard to get to grips with. It’s just having an attention span long and good enough to be able to stare at the screen for a very long time

Overall this game is great if you are a casual gamer and don’t like anything too complicated maybe even if you have some spare time on your hands before picking the kids up from school. For me staring at a screen and looking for items did get slightly frustrating after a while and I felt that maybe a mini-game here and there where something on the screen might have moved could have been beneficial not only for my eyes but for the game as a whole.



Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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