Aion Online Review (PC)

Posted by Amy Baldry, Dec 07, 2009 10:45

MMORPGs have really hit the big time the past couple of yearsAion Online and with so many different genres of this game, NCsoft are really taking things to the next level with their latest addition AION online. This game certainly competes with the likes of the big boys of World of Warcraft and NCsoft’s other creation of Guild Wars. Does it have what it takes to convert other gamers away from what can seem like a cult religion of gaming?

I have to say that from the amount of time playing this I’ve barely been able to tear myself away to play anything else and with me being a big WoW fan this certainly says a lot to me. This game has no less to offer than any other MMO. In fact I believe it has much more. There are plenty of quests to level your character and crafting skills that can earn your avatar money at the same time, and socialising tools are easily understandable making it easy for you to ask others if you’re stuck or just want to make new friends. Even the UI is completely friendly for even the newest mmo beginners and the helpfulAion Online tool tips as you begin the early stages of your campaign include videos which actually show you where things are rather than being told and having to guess where and what the random symbols may be.

The game play itself is certainly fun with quests which lead on into a story type campaign which gives you an idea of what’s going on between the 2 different parts of the split world this engages you well within the game and gives you a good sense of understanding. To be honest, the storyline from what I have seen so far seems absolutely original and interesting where other MMO’s seem to be lacking or somewhat losing the plot within their storylines which can make the gameplay slightly pointless.


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Our Rating for Aion Online Review (PC)
9.5 Replay
I wanted to play this more and more to explore places and continually level my character. Highly addictive!
9.5 Graphics
The best graphics and detail I have ever seen in any MMO. Smooth movements and great weather effects make this game what it is!
8.0 Sound
The music can get annoying if it repeats but doesn’t ruin the experience at all.
9.0 Gameplay
Everything you would expect from an MMO plus more, 100% fun!
8.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
This is what makes the game plenty of levelling characters to quest with and the PVP content offers more than most other MMOs
9.0 Overall
An absolutely stunning development in what could become one of the leading MMOs on the market, it’s something I would recommend to all MMO fans!

Rating: 3.5, votes: 2

#1 Dec 7, 2009 09:50:47 Dec 07, 2009 14:55

Hey Amy, I’m also a WoW player and I share a lot of views with you about Aion. I was wondering if you got past level 20, because I really loved the game up until this point, then it got very grindy. I’m not keen on PvP either, and the constant raids on lowbie towns by high level players from the opposing faction has really started to get me down. I did a review on levels 1-20 and gave it a 9.1 / 10. 20-30 isn’t looking too great right now though :S

Cheers, Belinda (Bill) Vaughan.

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