Allods online Preview

Posted by Amy Baldry, Dec 14, 2009 10:28

Most MMORPG’S that are worth paying money for are usually offering the gamer everything they need and want to see in their game experience. What happens when gamers get everything we want plus a little bit more innovation and it doesn’t cost us a penny at all? Gpotato have done exactly that with their long-awaited Allods Online!

This has all the usual MMO game aspects - two warring factions The Legion and The Empire,  each having 3 races and classes which in my opinion is one of the many reasons people may choose to play. Especially with the gibberling race which kind of looks like an cute, albino Star Wars-like creature and you get to be in control of 3 of them at once all working together to fight as one, amazingly cute and indeed very appealing!

The beginning quests, which introduce you to the game controls and the story which I must say, do gently ease you into the game play and understanding of the Allods world. You get to explore and quest 16 different islands which vary in terrain and detail. Even within the beta test it is very impressive and can quite easily compete against the likes of WOW and Aion Online, the sound itself is not annoying and is completely what you would expect to complement the game play

Questing does not seem like it’s too much of a chore like in other MMO’s and once you reach level 20 you get the chance to create your own galleon or fleet of ships with your chums which can also be controlled by you and your friends and sailed around the Allods universe to fight other ships, steal their cargo and become powerful players in the game. Even when dying, you end up in some kind of limbo where you have to wait a certain amount of time before returning to your corpse.

Considering this game is free, the content is huge and is something that can be expanded on even if the publishers have high player populations I believe people would still pay a small fortune in order to play the game, but the fact that it’s free makes it more appealing than ever. There are some things that it seems this MMO has got that the developers of other MMOs just haven’t thought of and of course it’s a good excuse to get your friends together and do something productive even if it is just ruling the seas of the intergalactic Allods universe!

Rating: 5.0, votes: 4

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