Split Fish Dual SFX Frag Pro Hardware Review

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Dec 16, 2009 13:09

When the Splitfish Dual SFX Frag Pro Wireless showed up I was extremely interested in the unit. Then as I unpacked it and went to get it installed on the PS3 and use it I was disappointed.

First off, it takes SIX AAA batteries, not AA which nearly everyone has lying around in abundance, no, AAA and six to boot! Three for each piece. Reading through the manual there’s a picture that shows a single cable running from the PS3 to the controller and then splitting off to the mouse. So I thought ’oh cool, I can use it without batteries.’ That would be a gross error on my part.

That cable wasn’t actually in the box, what was in a the box was a small one foot long USB cable extender and NO batteries. So the unit sat, uselessly, for a week until I managed to get batteries with enough juice to run the unit. Even then, I’m still using a USB cable (the nice long one that came with the Snakebyte Wireless PS3 controller) for the mouse because I had only grabbed a four pack of AAA batteries.

Finally, I can get to reviewing Dual SFX Frag Pro Wirelessthe unit, but first a quick level or two of Mushroom Wars and...wait a minute, for some reason, all of the buttons don’t work in the game. Switching over to the aforementioned Snakebyte controller showed that the game was functioning fine, but the Split Fish Dual SFX Frag Pro is apparently not compatible with all games even though I could find no mention of that on the package or the documentation. Perhaps it was just a quirk of programming for the Mushroom Wars demo or something, I’m not going to dissect it too much.

This controller was made for FPS and TPS games anyway, so let’s go test it out in Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 shall we? Oh wait, now I have to charge the batteries because while the unit was off (as in the switch said ’Off’) the batteries drained out on it. How frustrating. At this point will it ever be able to satisfy my needs for a FPS/TPS controller? In fact, do I even need one considering I do quite well with the dual-stick standard controllers?

Finally, the batteries are charged, Killzone 2 is loaded up and I’m ready to go. Wait, a second, did I just get killed before I could get the controller to turn me around? OK sensitivity turned up on the controller and, nope still not good enough. Go into the game and turn it up in options, OK better but still have to move the mouse, pick it up, move it again to turn all the way around.

I never truly believed that a controller could have this much negative impact in my game performance aside from being non-functional. Killzone 2 is damned hard to begin with, this controller made the game, well, no fun whatsoever.

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Our Rating for Split Fish Dual SFX Frag Pro Hardware Review
4.0 Overall
More problems than value as far as I’m concerned. I would not suggest purchasing one of these until they do further R&D

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