For the Glory Review (PC)

Posted by Amy Baldry, Feb 02, 2010 10:06

For the Glory spans from 1419 – 1820 providing us with a historic version of events from almost all of the cultures and dynasties from the time. But in this version things don’t always have to go as they did in history. For The Glory puts history in your hands and lets you mold the world to your shape and change history for the better. Depending on how well you handle the situations put before you. Compared to EUII, which this game feels like an expansion to, the UI has been greatly improved offering useful tool tips and new icons which make things slightly easier.

This game is not all about how quickly you can pursue world domination, in fact, compared to other games in this series a lot of it works on diplomacy. One of the best ways I found to overcome a neighboring country was to offer them something in order for your rule over them. If they are not willing to accept your terms then it’s best to go in with force. Although taking over too many countries in a rampage can cause the free countries to form an alliance and then you really can have a few strong obstacles in your way.

There are a lot of things to deliberate on when running your countries such as the religious influences, trade, alliances and how much money is going into resources such as your army and naval units as well as technological advances that improve things like farming and warfare. Although just because your army is more advanced than another it can still lose battles if the conditions of the battle are not to your advantage. Within this version you also have the ability to reenact actual events from history or even change and manipulate them. These usually come as missions and it’s best for you to pick which ones you would like to take. Like most things, if you leave your decisions to the monarchy it could be a bad game experience but changing past events to have a different outcome is a great feature. Not only does this game offer a great strategic challenge it educates the player on real life historical events.

Graphically there have been a few tweaks here and there but nothing majorly groundbreaking. The thing about this game is that no matter the version, the layout and look of the game has that Risk type look and feel about it. The sound however does lack in variance with the same music seeming to be on the same loop and repeating itself once in a while and the ever so annoying and repetitive construction and battle noises you won’t miss much having the sound turned down.

I would also advise that you don’t bother trying to play on the multiplayer missions. Even making a connection through a server or just trying to play with a friend you find yourself getting majorly frustrated with the amount of lag and crashes it causes. This was the situation for me in any case. All in all this game has a lot of new features missions and improvements and it’s a very pleasing advance from EUII and it shows that some game producers do actually listen to what their fans think about their products.


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Our Rating for For the Glory Review (PC)
7.5 Replay
If your already a fan of this game then you will have no problems in picking this up time and time again it offers hours of impressive game time.
7.0 Graphics
Considering it’s an EUII revamp some noticeable changes have been made.
6.0 Sound
A repetitive soundtrack that loops time and time again and the always annoying construction noises to grate on you after a very short while.
7.0 Gameplay
With many of the same features as before it does offer historic and alternative historic missions. Also the re-vamped UI makes your game more informative
3.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Seems to be full of bugs and lag and is almost impossible. A game that is much better played without this feature.
6.0 Overall
An improvement from EUII built on what the fans of the series wanted, in depth decision making and historic events which you can change and manipulate to your advantage.

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