White Knight Chronicles Review (PS3)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Mar 12, 2010 08:35

This game has some of the lamest cut scenes, story and dialog ever seen in a game. For example:

They show a battle with a massive monster outside the castle. A guard runs in and tells the king that there’s a monster in the town, which then bursts through the main doors of the castle and begins attacking. what do the characters have to say?

"Whoa a huge monster!? How did that get in the castle?!"

Now take that stellar dialog and put it in really cool looking flappy head characters (a la Terrence and Philip from South Park). Apparently, they didn’t want to bother with making any sort of lip movements. It’s like watching a Kung Fu film that’s dubbed into English. On top of that, some of the cut scenes are longer than most fights in those same Kung Fu films. I’ve been watching this castle battle cut scene for the last five minutes or more and it’s terribly boring and taking far too long to finish. Now you can skip over them, but then something happens, like the princess disappears, and you have no idea why.

Plus, you go through all the trouble to create a character so that you can play them and then that character is like Rosencrantz or Guildenstern, just sitting about in the background while the main action unfolds with Leonard, one of your NPC party members. In fact, after that castle scene mentioned above, you don’t even get to control your character that you went through all the effort to make, he’s lost somewhere in the story.

So, here’s some advice. Make sure that you set the combat commands on all of the members of your party because at times you will be forced to play them and doing it during battle does not stop time. So enemies will continue to attack you while you are in the menuing system. Sort of seems unfair now doesn’t it?

How’s this for unfair. If you run away from an enemy but it’s his turn to attack, even if you’re 10 feet away and he only has a melee weapon, he’ll hit you. Pretty sneaky on the part of the game is it not? Brings a whole new meaning to nowhere to run. On top of that, the combat is sort of turn-based where there are cooldown times for all actions. While you’re waiting for the next action you cannot even defend. In fact, defend takes the actual place of an attack instead of a more fluid realistic version of combat.

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Our Rating for White Knight Chronicles Review (PS3)
0.0 Replay
No way will I even finish this once. Go back and do it again? No thanks!
9.5 Graphics
Richly detailed all around and extremely well done. Strange faces on characters and some odd creatures but still fantastic.
6.5 Sound
Poorly scripted cut scenes give way to poor dialog and acting. Plus, your characters annoyingly talk while you’re wandering through the game. As if goading you into moving faster.
7.0 Gameplay
Not terrible, but you sometimes forget what you’re doing thanks to a 10 minute cut scene. The whole defend in place of attack is pretty lame though.
5.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
There is some, I couldn’t find anyone interested in it. I think it allows you to party up online and move through the story in a sort of co-op mode.
5.5 Overall
The game is not broken, it’s just not good. Seriously awesome art will be remembered for being attached to one of the worst RPG games in recent history. A terrible fate for the artists.

Rating: 1.0, votes: 1

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