Command&Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Review (PC)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Mar 30, 2010 09:43

I have been playing Command & Conquer since the very beginning. I remember the first days of C&C in 1995 and have played each of the eight titles.

Now we have Tiberian Twilight, the finale of a 15-year story arc featuring Kane and the Tiberium which is slowing destroying the planet. Returning are the first-person cut scenes that help move the story along. Gone are the resource collecting and base building of the past.

And good riddance. Considering that, in the game, you work for a global military organization, don’t you think that resources should always have been more abundant than they were? Wouldn’t you think that units were ready at any time and could be delivered quickly?

Also missing in this title are the Scrin turning C&C back into a two-faction struggle for survival, unless you include the split in NOD between Kane and Gideon. But the solo campaign is a 2-faction affair. After a few tutorial missions to become accustomed to the new control interface you’re made to choose between Kane and GDI.

Speaking of the new interface. As I stated there is no longer the need to gather resources and build bases. Instead you are given a mobile command vehicle that can deploy units when stationary and pick up and move when necessary. Without the base building and the resource gathering you can now, more quickly get into the action. The thing that always made many RTS games long and drawn out was the need to build up resources and structures so that you could build units. Now you’re given a choice of three types of command vehicles: offense, defense and support. Each is tailored to a particular sort of operation and, which I quite like, you can switch on the fly. So you might need to start with offense and take back control of a certain territory. Then once you’ve done that you can switch over to defense and build up forces to maintain control through incoming waves of attacks. Finally, you might need to flip to support to keep your buildings standing before the final assault arrives.

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Our Rating for Command&Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Review (PC)
8.5 Replay
You have two campaigns, in solo and co-op plus plenty of multiplayer action to keep you losing hours to the game.
8.5 Graphics
Extremely cool visuals that really give you a sense that the Earth is certainly in dire jeopardy and even enough to draw your eye away from the action from time to time.
9.0 Sound
Some humorous statements by your units bring a little levity but not so much that they’re annoying. In fact none of the sounds even remotely grated on my nerves and for that I’m very thankful. An excellent soundtrack accompanies them as well.
9.0 Gameplay
The changes made to the mechanics are fantastic in my opinion. Gone is the gather resources, build structures, build army, attack. Now it’ simply build army on the fly and GO. Far more strategy in this type of gameplay than in some others.
9.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Not only do you have standard head-to-head multiplayer but you’ve also got campaign co-op so you and a friend can share the excitement and action.
9.0 Overall
All in all this is by far one of the better RTS titles today. They’ve sped up the game play and made your decisions far more integral to success. Gone are the days of laying back and building massive armies, now you’ve got to think on the fly.

Rating: 2.1, votes: 18

#1 Apr 1, 2010 00:07:39 Apr 01, 2010 04:11

Wow, I don’t get this review. I wonder if EA is a paid advertiser. Anyway, read the reviews on, they will tell you every thing you need to know!

#2 Apr 1, 2010 02:40:25 Apr 01, 2010 06:43
Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido)

As stated right IN the review, everyone has an opinion. If you don’t like the gameplay and the new mechanics it’s your right. Hinting that we were paid to run this review is offensive (and obviously wrong since there are no EA ads on the site). The gameplay in Tiberian Twilight is comparable to several other RTS games available, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad. If you want to micromanage resource collection and base building you can go play StarCraft II and take 4 hours for a level. I’ll play 4 or 5 matches in that time.

#3 Apr 2, 2010 01:10:50 Apr 02, 2010 05:51

OK, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. However, what is really offensive is the way you disparage the things we all loved about the original game. You talk of resource collecting and base building as if it is a dirty word. Is it beneath you to worry about such trivial things like collecting resources and building bases necessary to play a campaign? My complaint with this game is they call it Command and Conquer. Now you point out (sarcastically) we should go play Star Craft if we want to waste our time "Micromanaging resource collection", but that’s what we loved about C&C. I have an idea, let’s see what people who actually had to buy the game rate it. Take a quick look at the customer reviews at Amazon or anyone of the other major sites. I know Amazon has 117 reviews of C&C 4 and 109 give it 1 star. I guess the 109 people don’t understand what a good game is. Cheers.

#4 Apr 2, 2010 03:10:48 Apr 02, 2010 07:25
Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido)

You didn’t hurt my feelings.

What you do, is call into question our integrity with a baseless accusation that we are paid to write reviews. That, I have a problem with. Several companies refuse to even send us games any longer because of our review scores on their titles. When asked I simply said "make better games, we’ll give you better scores."

In regards to the game itself, many people are burying it because of the DRM which I find laughable since all it requires really is an internet connection while playing. Most of the time our computers are online anyway right?

As for resource collecting, in my humble opinion, it has  been something that did nothing really help the game. If the point of the match were to collect resources and keep the other players from doing so, I would be more than happy to do it.

However, in C&C you work for a global organization. Is it so poor that you need to gather resources for them? It was illogical. Plus, most matches are not supposed to be about resource collection, but about obtaining particular objectives usually in the destroy the enemy vein. Why should we be forced to sit and collect resources for an hour so we can go fight for 10 minutes?

Finally, as I’ve now stated 3 times, everyone has a right to their opinion. I have mine, you have yours. If I don’t like the resource collecting, it’s my right. You like it, that’s yours. My comment about micromanaging resource collection was in reference to my wording in the article. Obviously, not everyone loves that facet of the game. I would rather play Tom Clancy’s EndWar which has none of that than have to sit through an hour of base build up only to see it all destroyed or have my troops overrun someone in ten minutes of battle.

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