Hamster Ball Review (PSN)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Apr 12, 2010 09:05

Hamster Ball, from TikGames, has, by far, some of the most annoying music and violently bright coloring of any game I’ve seen for months and yet, it still manages to be somewhat entertaining.

That’s not to say it’s an amazing game. There are plenty of flaws in the game that will make the game far less enjoyable than one might expect.

Hamster Ball gives you some gravity and death-defying raceways to send your furry avatar careening through. The goal is simply to survive and get to the end as fast as possible. Along the way you will not only find stationary objects in the way but moving objects with the sole purpose of stopping you from passing. Couple with that the fact that not all the tracks have a lip to keep you on course and you’ve got a fairly challenging task to reach the end.

The beginning levels go easy on you and you won’t fall off of the track very much. But in the later levels what looks like a lip that will keep you on the track at times is really just light and if you try to bounce off of it you’ll fly to your doom. Not that it does anything but increase your course time.

The tracks are at times immense but you’ll be too busy trying to maneuver through them that you won’t really get to appreciate just how large they are. In fact, at times, the tracks are so convoluted that you won’t know which way is up or if you’re heading in the right direction (don’t worry, it tells you when you’re not).

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Our Rating for Hamster Ball Review (PSN)
6.0 Replay
There are a lot of levels but many are variations or rehashes of previous ones.
6.0 Graphics
The graphics are below what I would have expected for a PS3 title whether download or disc-based.
6.0 Sound
Annoying music grates on the nerves just begging to be turned off. Aside from that there’s not a lot else.
6.5 Gameplay
Mildly entertaining but not for very long. Even the multiplayer felt flat and didn’t hold interest.
5.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
Local versus other players in two modes race and sumo. Not all that entertaining.
6.0 Overall
Hamster Ball might be fine for some but I found that I had no interest in playing the game any more than I needed to for this review. It didn’t capture or keep my attention at all.

Rating: 2.5, votes: 4

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