Dins Curse Review (PC)

Posted by Amy Baldry, Apr 21, 2010 14:07

Have you ever thought to yourself I must have been really bad in a past life to deserve this one? Well unluckily for your character in Din’s Curse, from Soldak Entertainment, this is most certainly the case. He was so bad that now he needs to make up for the mistakes he made by helping the townsfolk get rid of evil and sustain a healthy and happy community, and he needs your help to do it!

Soldak’s offerings have been greatly admired and honored with its very indie like graphics and intense and fun game play. As you wander around the towns your objective is to pick up the quests provided by the NPCs and level up your characters skills while obtaining weapons and points on the way. The classes that are available to you are pretty ordinary, for example, warriors, hunters and wizards but with the ability to creatively customize your own class for instance, combining the strength and power of a warrior with a wizard can give you a great advantage in close melee or a ranged attack from a distance that can clear the way for you within seconds.

The mechanics in the game are similar to that of such games like Diablo and other retro modern RPGs giving the game that awesome fun factor and adding that fantasy feel to it. Another great thing is the random generating of the dungeons and caves you will need to enter to be able to complete your quests sometimes. Not everything you need will be in the cave meaning you will have to complete one quest then re-enter in order to find or kill whatever you need again to gain those precious XP points. If you do find yourself struggling with the awesomely friendly UI then there are some tips available when starting the game for the first time and even a tutorial if you feel the need to know the interface inside out.

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Our Rating for Dins Curse Review (PC)
7.0 Replay
With the many quests to complete and progression that can be made it offers hours of fun
7.0 Graphics
It has that retro look about it but has its own individual charisma.
6.0 Sound
As long as you don’t play for 4 hours straight it shouldn’t annoy you too much
8.0 Gameplay
Classic role playing and awesome combat systems and quests that don’t get boring
6.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Co-op play is available but really it’s just a great opportunity to show of what you have gained in game.
7.0 Overall
A great fantasy game which shows great potential on improving and expanding but keeping its retro characteristic is good as it offers you that feel of the nostalgic gaming era

Rating: 4.8, votes: 4

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