Alganon Review (PC, Online)

Posted by Amy Baldry, Apr 26, 2010 09:02

Back in November last year I did a preview of Quest Online’s Alganon which was in beta test. Now it’s been not only released but re-released as a subscription-free MMORPG, but have the developers listened to the suggestions from beta  or have they taken matters into their own hands on what they think should be done?

On first appearance, I would say that they certainly have listened to the gamers who provided accurate feedback. Even upon entering the game you find yourself making well-informed choices about your character selection so that you are aware you will be playing the role that you feel most comfortable with and don’t feel like you are hitting pot luck. Rather than just being able to create and customise your character you are also asked to choose which ore and family you will belong to. Each decision made with a great amount of information that is provided in the selection screen itself. 

Upon entering the game itself you will notice that the UI has become more friendly and approachable than in the previous versions. Personally, I embraced it as I was able to customise the UI to how I needed to lay it out for use making it easier to understand and quicker when attempting many things at once.

The game play itself is nothing different from most other MMORPG’s such as Everquest and World of Warcraft. After creating your character you take quests to learn and improve your skills gaining experience to level up your character. Something that is a regular theme amongst most of this genre, but the one thing that makes this game stand out is the ability for your character to study while it is offline (like EVE Online) so improving professions and combat skills don’t need to be earned by constantly grinding and farming. Of course the way that you gather materials is pretty much the same but this in itself gives you freedom to enjoy playing the game rather than working a lot of the time to produce what you need to succeed.

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Our Rating for Alganon Review (PC, Online)
6.5 Replay
Has plenty of quests and skills to master which should keep you entertained for a good few weeks
6.0 Graphics
Not great but the environments have all been used to their full potential giving the right environment for the players
6.0 Sound
The sound effects give the environments more depth and add extra touches to the game the music was annoying and had to be turned off
7.0 Gameplay
Plenty of action and storyline to keep you engaged nothing overly strenuous and an improved UI helps a lot
7.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
With around 17 instances to complete you won’t be too bored as you progress with your character.
6.5 Overall
Another game similar to other popular MMORPGs but with a few unique twists of its own. I was not very surprised by anything and not disappointed at the same time

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