Doom II Review (XBLA)

Posted by Jim Cook, May 31, 2010 10:12

Publishers are becoming increasingly aware they can dig through their back catalog and re-release games on modern systems to turn an easy profit. Sometimes they choose to release any old clunker, but Doom II isn’t junk; it’s a true classic among First Person Shooters. Its distinct style of completely unrealistic, high-speed shooting through hordes of demons is still fun today, and the 800 Point/$10 price is fair for what you get.

The main content of this game is the roughly thirty levels from the original release, presented with only minor adjustment for today’s displays. You’re still running around a variety of maps armed with a pistol, chainsaw, two types of shotgun, a chaingun and plasma rifle, plus the two big boys: a devastating rocket launcher and the series’ trademark BFG. You’re still running around in very pixelated environments shooting at dozens upon dozens of enemies per level, and in some later stages you’ll be constantly dodging incoming attacks. The only real down-side to the flow of Doom II is it relies on a lot of searching to find hidden doors and keys in order to proceed; it’s a game play mechanic that has aged terribly. Thankfully the rest of the action is still exciting today, and there is a certain joy in its simplicity.

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