2XL Supercross 2009 review (PC)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jun 09, 2010 10:57

I reviewed 2XL Supercross on the iPhone and while it was entertaining at times I didn’t think the controls were that great. So now it’s on the PC and we can play it with our favorite controller. I used the Xbox 360 controller and it’s far more fun now than it was on the iPhone.

2XL Supercross puts you atop a 125, 250 or 450cc dirt bike and throws you into the mix with three modes - practice, time trial and race. Some of the courses are well laid out with properly defined paths to follow while others are more like huge arenas to just play around in.

The game is virtually the same as it was on the iPhone with some minor additions, but it’s also still lacking in some specific areas. Those specific areas include the physics. It’s not exactly perfect on the physics and often things will happen that just don’t seem right, whether it be how your rider and bike land or how they move through the air. Sometimes you’ll even get hung up on one of the pads on the side of the track and that will put you completely out of contention for a win.

OUCHA major improvement on the iPhone version are the controls. Since you can use a standard gamepad to play it’s much easier to control and actually enjoy the game. The graphics are still quite good looking even if the environment is very static. The crowd noises are just looped and there is no sort of realism in the crowd visuals. They all just sit there like cardboard cutouts.

Even the tower that is supposed to show who is in what position etc, is static. I was leading the race but my number did not appear anywhere on the tower. So really, it’s just a static prop in a static environment for you to race through.

Also, there’s really just one thing to do and that’s race. You can do all the tricks you want but it won’t help you win the game or score any points, because there are no points in the game. That’s a shame as it could certainly add up to some big fun and some big air if there were a stunt run mode or something more to do.

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Our Rating for 2XL Supercross 2009 review (PC)
6.5 Replay
Sure, I’ll do back and race now and again, but there’s little motivation to do so aside from beating your own scores of having some fun.
7.5 Graphics
Lots of static things in the environment that make it sort of flat.
7.0 Sound
A decent soundtrack with some sort of generic bike sounds.
8.5 Gameplay
Much improved over the iPhone version, but still lacking in some realistic physics from time to time. First-person with handlebars is pretty cool.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
7.5 Overall
Bigger screen and better controls but not much else to update it from the iPhone version, still, could be fun for some of you. Hopefully the other game modes will be implemented.

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