Defense Grid: Resurgence DLC 4 of 4 Review (XBLA, Steam)

Posted by Jim Cook, Jun 23, 2010 05:48

Notice: This article only covers the seventh and eighth maps of the Resurgence expansion pack due for release on June 23; they are sold in the fourth set of maps that compose this expansion, and $1 or 80 Microsoft Points will get you both maps in one purchase.

The folks at Hidden Path apparently believe in saving the best for last; the final Resurgence map pack is upon us, and both maps in it will test skills you’ve learned in previous stages. The major difference this time around is just how far you’ll be tested; one map requires you to rapidly use several different ideas at once, while the other is a challenge that should require even expert Defense Grid players to put in some time before they can win.

First is Killzone, a short map that asks you to use several skills at the same time. Most of its layout is a predefined road, though the area near the core storage is mostly open for you to build in. The end result is a map that asks you to be passably competent at several things simultaneously; you need to know where your fields of fire overlap, which towers to use to best make that happen, and how to build a decent path to make sure the aliens take a longer route to the core storage. This sort of ’jack of all trades’ strategy was very enjoyable to me, and Killzone is probably my favorite map in the entire Resurgence expansion.

The final map in Resurgence is Overflow, presumably called this because the more accurate "Arrgh! This is HARD!" didn’t fit with Defense Grid’s usual level naming theme. It’s a pretty large stage, with one aerial path and twenty-five waves of varied aliens coming at you. Defined by its central bridge, this map is large enough that you can choose how you want to play it; if you build such that the aliens go ’northwest’ you can lead them along a very long, winding path that will take a very long time to reach the core storage... or you can direct them southwest where you have more room to build and can set up short but powerful ’kill zones.’ Whichever approach you go with, be ready for a fight since the alien waves are full of different types and you cannot just set up an endless row of gun towers and hope to win. I had to replay this a dozen times before winning, and I imagine expert players will have to put in a few repeat sessions too. On the other hand, beating this level is very satisfying; it’s hard, but it’s the kind of difficulty that once you overcome it, you will begin shouting and fist-pumping in triumph. That’s a great way to close out the expansion, and makes the effort worthwhile.

Over the last month, we’ve been given several challenging and enjoyable maps for Defense Grid at a good price; $1 for two maps. This final pack ends in excellent fashion, with Killzone being an enjoyable blend of several concepts and Overflow testing just how thoroughly you’ve mastered Defense Grid. Resurgence Map Pack 4 is a great finish to this expansion, and comes highly recommended!


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A great conclusion to an enjoyable, affordable expansion. Defense Grid fans should definitely get this!

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