Rocks N Rockets Review (PS Mini)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jul 30, 2010 08:51

TIK Games brings to the PS Minis Rock N Rockets, a game also available on mobile phones. In it you control a missile battery and have to save the cities of Earth from a multi-phase meteor attack. You’re given two types of missile to defend the planet (heat and ice) as well as a handful of nukes, but use them sparingly as you’re limited on numbers at times. If a city gets hit you have a chance to repair it if you’ve got the proper tools (a power up).

The game gives you two modes Arcade and Marathon. In Arcade mode you move level-by-level through the cities of Earth protecting them. In Marathon mode you just play for as long as you can. For some reason, there’s no way to save in this mode, even though there’s Load option on the menu. I asked TIK about it but they have yet to let me know what’s up. I’m sure it’s just something that will be solved with an update to the game. The Arcade mode has 10 stages and each has multiple levels.

Each of the modes can also be played in three difficulties - Easy, Normal or Hard.

The stages start out easy enough with just one type of meteor coming - fire, ice, rock so you only need to worry about aiming and a single attack button. But the difficulty continues to increase and you are eventually using both batteries to take out intermingling meteors. The rocky meteors will require a few shots to destroy and some are only susceptible to particular rockets. So you might fire and not see any results and then need to quickly switch over to the others.

As the game progresses you’ll need to plan your attacks wisely to conserve missiles. Plus you get more points for multiple kills with less missiles and the game has an old school alert that’s triggered with double, triple, mega and Rock N Roll Blasts (all multiple hits in a single shot).

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Our Rating for Rocks N Rockets Review (PS Mini)
8.0 Replay
It’s a cool little game that’s easy to pick up, play, leave, come back and continue.
8.0 Graphics
Not awe-inspiring but look good on both large and small screens
7.5 Sound
The soundtrack is a bit on the redundant side, but I love the voice work and that each missile has a different sound.
9.0 Gameplay
It’s just cool. Well done on controls and fun to play. Progresses in challenge so you don’t get bored.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
8.5 Overall
It’s a great little Mini that packs in lots of play time. Works well on both PSP and PS3 and is good meteor-killing arcade fun. Still some minor issues and lacking some extras.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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