Victoria II Review (PC)

Posted by Thomas DuBois (InsanityPlee), Aug 16, 2010 09:15

Victoria II is set in 1835, a time when Queen Victoria ruled a kingdom that was so large its lands never saw the setting sun. In all the world was conflict as the major powers settled in or rising powers climbed the steps of the ages to make their mark, this is what you step into when you first log in.

As the game loads you will see various images from the pages of history which, after a moment, lead to a world map where you make your first major decision. There is an amazing amount of detail in this game and it takes a moment to load so be patient and enjoy the anticipation! At the world map you decide which land to call home, who’s future you will guide. This decision takes on more importance than just what beach you lounge on. Each country has certain resources, and not all of them are equal in advancements like human rights or technology. It is not so much building your own country as it is stepping into the past and playing, “what if”.

Gamers who crave control of every aspect of your lands to even some of the smallest choices of your countries management this game will not disappoint, to the rest of us it sometimes buries this games enjoyability. In Victoria II you have accepted the reigns of one country starting in the year 1835, determined to guide it through 100 years or politics, struggle, and war. History buffs will notice similarities to world events and universal issues while the rest of us will learn what we might have slept through in class. Victoria II does well to give you as much flexibility as it can while adhering to world changing events and giving you the chance to tackle them for yourself. This is one of the most interesting areas of the game, exploring what you will do about slavery, westernisation, and your countries safety.


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Our Rating for Victoria II Review (PC)
6.0 Replay
Allowing you to take so many different countries gives much variety but its inhibited by a specific time period.
5.0 Graphics
They just seem behind the times unless your on a loading screen, could have made it more engaging.
5.0 Sound
While I know it isn’t one of the most important aspects of the game I can’t deny it was lacking.
7.0 Gameplay
Once past the learning curve the game is very engaging and has potential to keep you in front of the computer for hours.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
6.0 Overall
I don’t think graphics and sound take too much away from this game but the learning curve will keep it from being as much as it could be.

Rating: 3.8, votes: 31

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