Arctic Adventures: Polars Puzzles Review (PS Mini)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 27, 2010 11:55

Eiconic brings its cool puzzle game to the Playstation 3. Having already reviewed Polar Panic on Xbox LIVE Arcade I figured I could do with another dose of Polar Bear puzzle-solving.

The puzzles in this game are in 10 groups of five puzzles each for a total of 50 puzzles. Each is, as in the other game, scored on number of moves and time. You control Polar (the bear) and have to solve puzzles to reach the exit. Solving puzzles including crushing snow blocks and moving or destroying other types of blocks to clear a path or to depress a switch. This is done in a sliding block fashion where you can crush them with ice blocks or detonate them with explosives.

Now, there’s only one mode in this game which is the solve the puzzles as fast and with as few moves as possible. You get one star for solving it, another for minimum moves and a third for time. The goal is to get all three stars as they then unlock further levels and groups.

The game is just frustrating at times because even if it seems logical, a box of TNT blows up next to a fractured rock, it’s not, the rock is not destroyed. It’s little things like that that sap some of the fun out of the game. Of course if you’re within six squares around that box when it detonates, you’re dead, counter-intuitive to say the least.

Plus, it only has the one mode. It is technically a mini which means it is inherently lighter than a full title but just one mode drastically limits the gameplay and replayability. Plus, I swear some of the levels are directly lifted from the previous title.

That’s not to say it’s not a game that still holds true to the high production values we expect from Eiconic. It does maintain a good quality of graphics and sound as well as gameplay. With 50 levels it’s a nice size for a PS Mini, especially when taking into account some of the very short Minis we have seen lately. I just wish they had kept at least one extra mode or something.

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Our Rating for Arctic Adventures: Polars Puzzles Review (PS Mini)
7.5 Overall
Great puzzle game with a good size for a PS Mini, just feels a little incomplete to me, but definitely worth the price.

Rating: 3.0, votes: 1

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