And Yet It Moves Review (WiiWare)

Posted by Jim Cook, Sep 06, 2010 09:00

And Yet It Moves is not the first ’indie PC’ game to move to WiiWare, where an inexpensive game revolving around one or two creative ideas can benefit from the intuitive controls offered by the Wiimote. You control some guy (he’s not given much of a story, and looks like he’s out of an A-Ha music video) who can do basic running and jumping, but his real ability is to rotate the stage. If you’re not going to clear a jump, just turn the level until the platform you miss is beneath your falling path and you’ll make it.

This rotation is the heart of And Yet It Moves. Your character has no weapons, he cannot fight enemies he encounters (they’re rare, but present), and he’s not all that athletic. You must master rotating the stage, and may need to do it several times in a single jump. This requires the ability to think ahead ("I jump here, fall, rotate like so, fall past that, rotate again, fall, turn a little more to make this a slope he can land on and... ta-da!"), and the game rewards this kind of skill far more than twitch reflexes.

While turning the world around is the only major skill you use in this game, it gains new wrinkles every few stages. After dealing with nothing but static platforms and slopes for a while, you’ll encounter tethered swings that react to your rotations and often need to ride them. After that you may encounter platforms that move independently of the rest of the level and react to your twisting, or find that parts of the level freeze in time while you rotate... but others don’t. These new details allow And Yet It Moves to stick with just one game mechanic the entire time without making it repetitive or boring.

The controls are excellent, and you only need a Wiimote (held sideways) to play. The directional pad moves you left and right, one button jumps, and the other freezes the world; hold it down and turn the Wiimote to twist the level around, then let go when you’re happy with the results. It only takes a minute or two to get used to, and you have infinite lives so experimentation is definitely encouraged. You can unlock the option to limit yourself to 90 degree rotations rather than the fine control you have by default, but this seems to be mostly a way to increase the challenge on repeat plays.

And Yet It Moves is admittedly short, with about twenty levels that can mostly be completed within a few minutes apiece. A run through the main stages of the game can probably be completed in about two hours without the aid of a walkthrough, though you can unlock other stages and modes to play (speed-run, limited rotations, etc.) for added challenge; I suspect you could stretch this out to about four or five hours if you were sufficiently interested. This may not sound like much, but bear in mind And Yet It Moves is just 1000 Wii Points/$10 USD and remains fun almost the entire way. an interesting idea with good controls and a forgiving checkpoint/infinite lives system, And Yet It Moves is challenging but rarely frustrating. It’s enjoyable throughout its entire short run, satisfying in the same way games like Braid and Limbo are. If you like games that are unusual but easy to learn, give And Yet It Moves a shot since $10 is a very fair price for the sheer fun you’ll get out of it.

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Our Rating for And Yet It Moves Review (WiiWare)
6.5 Replay
Some unlockable stages and extra play modes may bring you back for a little while, but this is still a short game.
3.0 Graphics
Minimal animations, simple character designs are a step up from stick figures, and the stages look like someone threw random pattern brushes around in Photoshop. Thankfully this game plays a whole lot better than it looks.
4.0 Sound
Very basic sound effects are joined by competent (but nothing more) music. They are there, but you’ll barely notice either.
9.5 Gameplay
World rotation is a very interesting idea for a puzzle-platformer, and the gradual addition of new challenges in using that keep things fun.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
N/A - This is a single-player game only.
9.0 Overall
A creative, affordable game that will keep you thrilled from start to finish.

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