Rhem 4 Review (PC)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Sep 29, 2010 14:59

Myst was, and is even now, cool. It took us to a world of mystery and wonder, presented us with puzzles galore and led us through it all. Rhem 4 is like that without all of the pieces. At the time of Myst, graphics weren’t all that fantastic, but it managed to outdo a lot of other games of the time. Rhem 4, in turn, is outdone by a majority of current games.

When you start Rhem 4 it gives you the option of windowed or full screen, but then goes to full screen either way. What that really entails is a very large black box, with a very small gameplay screen. If I had to guess, I would say 640x480 in size. It’s possible it’s 800x600, but really, it’s just too small either way. I don’t understand the inclusion of the full/windowed option anyway as it simply does nothing. Perhaps the game isn’t fully compatible with Windows 7.

There are other strange little quirks in the game. Like if there is some video playing on a screen and you interact with the screen, it will begin again. There is no way to skip past it so then you will be stuck watching a video again and again at times. If you exit the game and Alt-Tab away, the game will wait for you to return before it actually decides to shut down or start even. Instead it just hovers about in the background waiting for you.

In regards to graphics they’re somewhat lacking. That’s not to say they detract from the game experience. They’re just far from what we’re accustomed to. It would be nice to see them update the imagery in their next game. The sounds are decent in a spartan, minimalistic sort of way. There’s no music that makes you stop and wonder where it’s coming from etc.

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Our Rating for Rhem 4 Review (PC)
5.0 Replay
There’s definitely enough for a first run through even if you never go back to it again.
6.0 Graphics
They are sort of retro but could be so much more I think. Hopefully, in the next game, there will be some updated graphics as these are starting to look dated.
7.0 Sound
Not a lot of sound, no music to distract and sound only when sound is necessary. Not too bad really.
8.0 Gameplay
Having not played the others I wasn’t all that familiar with the story but that had little effect on the interest level. The game could certainly use a graphics and coding update as there are some strange quirks in it.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
7.5 Overall
The puzzles are complex and require massive amounts of thinking, clicking and data gathering. That part of the game is near perfection. The rest of it could use some work.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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