UFC Undisputed 2010 Review (PSP)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Oct 07, 2010 10:33

I don’t really dig fight games and so I try to find the most direct approach to winning. In UFC Undisputed 2010, I found that the head is a pulpy melon ripe for pounding someone into submission and so, that’s all I needed to do to start knocking out opponents in under two minutes. I am a button mashing champion, on Beginner. I managed an eight match ladder in the matter of only a half hour, much of that time was taken waiting for the game to load the next match.

In the fifth match of the eight I came up against a grappler and yet through pure button mashing was able to clean his clock in under three minutes. Then in the sixth round I lost because I didn’t know how to get out of a grapple. So I read up on how to do a Major Transition (which gets a guy off of you) and went back to it. I don’t like games that require me to have a book open so that I can reference moves. But learning that one thing was enough for me to fight off Rashad Evans in our rematch.

After that I thought I would try to shoot for a takedown in the next match. I wasn’t really at all familiar with my fighter, not being a UFC or MMA fan of any kind. Well I succeeded in taking him down but then lost the match for some unknown reason. The game said the opponent won by submission, so that required me to learn defense against that. I don’t know that I ever got a chance to use it before I crushed that guys melon.

For the Championship match, Bruce Buffer came out to do introductions and when he said "IIIIIT’S TIME!" I thought ’what the hell?’ So I skipped over the rest of his nonsense. Then knocked out the champ in under three minutes. Again through button mashing. So then I was the Light Heavyweight Champ. Yay me! This also unlocked Title Defense mode and awarded me 500 shop points.

That got me curious so I started hunting around for the shop, there’s absolutely no mention of it in the very slight manual which is 60% moves, 20% game info and 40% non-game info. It turns out the shop is in the Game Progress menu and lets you buy things like t-shirts, nicknames for create a fighter mode, fighter animations, hoodies, pants and more. So really it’s like Dress Up Barbie with big beefy dudes. Sort of strange.

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Our Rating for UFC Undisputed 2010 Review (PSP)
7.0 Replay
It’s neither here nor there for me, but it seems like there’s a lot of draw for those that really live for this sort of thing.
7.0 Graphics
They’re not all that fancy but are fairly standard on the PSP these days. People still look like plastic and have jagged, square lines.
6.5 Sound
Sloppy sound effects for blows, mostly forgettable sound all around.
6.5 Gameplay
I button-mashed my way to a title and through one-third of a title defense. I can’t say that makes it sound like the game is extremely complex.
5.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
It’s got some. I didn’t have anyone around to try it again, but it is there for you to use.
6.5 Overall
It’s certainly not for me and might not be for a lot of you. It seems more aimed at fighting game fans and fans of the UFC itself, which of course makes sense.

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