Flight Control HD Review (Playstation 3)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Oct 11, 2010 10:47

This game is one part air traffic controller and one part time management. Add in a bit of luck and a lot of spatial awareness and you’ve got yourself Flight Control HD from Firemint. You can play using standard controller or, thanks to a recent update, you can use the PS Move controller to play. Either way you will probably have a newfound respect for the air traffic controllers of the world as you juggle, reroute and manage flight plans for dozens of planes that all need to land on your limited runway space.

Playing with the PS move controller doesn’t feel forced or like they crammed the game into the control scheme. However, you can’t just slip between them while in the game. You have to actually quit the game, start up the other controller and then enter the game. If you ask me which controls I like better I might be tempted to say that it depends on the level which I’m playing. Generally, both control sets are fine. Since I played first on the PS Move I might lean toward that way of playing as it seems more natural but the DualShock is fine as well.

The controls basically consist of choosing a plane and then drawing its flight path to get it to the proper runway safely. From time to time you might need to reroute some or put them into a holding pattern to make sure they don’t collide with others. The whole point of the game is to land as many aircraft safely as you can before a collision which will end the level.

Flight Control HD offer nine levels of varying difficulty. The difficulty is based on the number of different types of aircraft which means you have more places to put them. There is also a level where the wind changes direction forcing you to use different runways from time to time. There is no actual difficulty level to choose from.

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Our Rating for Flight Control HD Review (Playstation 3)
9.0 Replay
Eventually I’ll probably tire of the same levels over and over, but hopefully by then there will be a Flight Control 2
8.0 Graphics
Simplistic yet highly functional and really just work for the game. On some levels though, the planes are quite small if you’ve got a sub-32-inch TV
7.0 Sound
Needs more than just one song that either plays or doesn’t. Sound effects are minimal and a lot of the game is spent in utter silence.
9.0 Gameplay
Aside from some funky controls at times, it pure genius. I like the Move controls more than the standard controller ones but it’s really just personal preference.
6.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Up to 4-player drop-in co-op and online leaderboards. Not bad but a competitive mode would be cool as in - who can guide the most planes to safety...
9.0 Overall
Considering the very reasonable price, it’s a great buy for endless hours of fun. Others are even entertained just watching me play it, that’s an added bonus.

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