Zoo Mumba Review (PC)

Posted by Lucie Ornstova (Lu-Corn), Oct 14, 2010 11:23

ZOO Mumba,  a strange name for an interesting game from Bigpoint a specialist in online games.

Once the game download, and your registration done you can start to build the ZOO of your dreams. On the first screen is the tutorial which explains all the steps to follow in order to play.

The frame of the game is adorable, with cartoon people and animals, in the screen you have all of the important information like ZOO dollars, the number of points to reach the next level, your duty, your employee, animals, etc.  Everything is very colorful , the animals and people are funny and look like heroes of a cartoon and its animation is great. The gorilla is jumping and doing some cascades like in real life, the parrots are singing, the rabbits are hidden in their hole... It’s shame that you don’t have more kinds of people and more differences between animals. You have one male, female and baby and the color doesn’t change and maximum 10 different people who are always wearing the same clothes and doing same things.

At least the music isn’t unpleasant. It is a mix between African and exotic melodies, perfect for this game. You directly feel like you’re in the Savanna or jungle and to get still more realistic all of the animals produce funny sounds. The lion is roaring, the parrot is squawking, the mice are squeaking… but each animals does it only when you touch his habitat otherwise it would be a big cacophony.

When you take car of your Zoo and all your animals are happy, the number of visitors increases and you can hear their happiness and laughing . So in its totality it is an agreeable atmosphere which brings some sun to your days. Of course, you can turn off all of the sounds if you don’t like them.

Rating: 4.2, votes: 14

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