FIFA 11 Review (PS3)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Oct 29, 2010 13:03

Last year I reviewed FIFA 10 on the Xbox 360 and while I loved the game I thought that the character models were simply awful. Well this time, they did some work on that or at least on the PS3 version as they don’t anywhere near as bad as they did then. Except for the hair. The hair is still god awful. My advice, EA Sports needs to talk to Square Enix about hair in video games.

Alright, enough of the nitpicking, let’s get on with the game right? FIFA 11 lets you do all the things you could do in FIFA 10 - be a player, be a manager, make a team, make a Pro, go online, etc. The major additions to the show this year are the Ultimate Team which allows you to be one of eleven members of an online team and compete in matches and tournaments, customization options including My Music & Chants, being a goalie and player, player manager or manager. We’ll get to that.

I’m going to go through mostly just the new features because, well, if you’re an EA FIFA fan, you know all about the other stuff that’s already in the game.

This year it’s all about customization for each player and team. Newer, better features include the Creation center where you can customize your player and create your very own team. The player can be customized all the way down to the kit, accessories and attributes so you can make them look and act how you want them to. You can even create your own kits and crests and share them with friends for online play. The players you create here can be also used in the offline modes (arena, career and lounge).

This year, you can even be a goalkeeper, something that you could really never do before. Of course it requires a lot of patience and standing around during matches as you are in goal for the entirety of the game. It gives you a better appreciation of just how hard their jobs are sometimes as you have to from a semi-idle state to a very active one and very quickly if there’s a break away or a long pass into your area. I missed a ball that scored a goal simply because I was sitting back on my heels sort of idly watching the match.

EA Sports also did some work on the things surrounding the game. Namely the visuals and the sounds. While the crowds are still poorly animated and they often don’t seem to be watching the match that you’re playing, there are other things you can do for sound. They sway, like leaves on a tree in a slight breeze, all in the same sort of direction when you get a quick glimpse of them. They’re still far from realistic and interesting but it’s about what’s going on in the game not the crowd. Still, it would be nice if the environment was more like a real one.

My Music and Chant is all new and you can choose the anthems and chants for each and every team. You’ve got to download the chants to your PS3 from somewhere for them to available to you in the game. Your only options in this are Default and one of the songs on your hard drive. You can’t choose songs that are played automatically in FIFA 11. It’s sort of lame really. I had expected that they would have chants included and that you would be able to use the songs already available in the game. Plus, there’s no way to preview the songs in the My Music & Audio section. This is just poorly implemented. Sure, it’s cool and has potential, but it’s really not nearly as cool as I thought it would be. The really bizarre thing is that they included EA Sports Trax software to play the songs in the game, but that same software can’t access the MP3s on your hard drive. Whoever designed this whole section should be flogged.

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Our Rating for FIFA 11 Review (PS3)
9.5 Replay
Loads of ways to play, reasons to play and with Ultimate Team, there’s no reason not to play every day.
9.0 Graphics
Crowds, player faces and hair all still need work. Other than that it’s all fairly well done. At least better than they were in the past.
8.5 Sound
The crowds are totally out of it, the announcers (while brilliant in reality) suck. The My Music & Chants section needs loads of work.
8.5 Gameplay
The AI needs work and needs to learn how to loft a pass and look where defenders are. The 360 fight for the ball is quite cool as is the new passing system, even if it is difficult at times.
9.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
It can’t really get much better with 11-on-11 ultimate team play, single player head-to-head as both team and single footballer.
9.0 Overall
While the game suffers from some flaws that have been persistent in the series, this is a far better title than even the one before and it looks like they’re on the right track.

Rating: 4.7, votes: 6

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