Dead Space 2 Hands On Preview (X360)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Dec 01, 2010 13:33

Dead Space 2 is coming. GDN got hands on a four level preview version and well, what can we say? It’s Dead Space. There are Necromorphs trying to kill you before you do what you need to, you’ve got a story to unravel and all the old tricks of the trade have been thrown in, with the kitchen sink.

Unfortunately, EA has demanded that the preview be taken down, stating an embargo is in place for online previews until January (the game is set for January 28th, 2011) the demo is set for release December 21st, 2010.

Since we only strive to create strong, worthwhile relationships with the industry, we have complied. This placeholder will remain until such time as we can re-publish our preview. Which, we would guess, will be in about a month.

We humbly apologize for the inconvenience and understand your desire to learn more about the game and hope that you will check back, once we are again allowed to publish the preview.

Please note, we are not in the business of censorship and as such, have not removed the comments made on the original preview, disparaging though they may be about our reviewing skills here at Gamers Daily News.

Thank you,

Christophor Rick

CEO, Gamers Daily News

UPDATE: EA insists that even with a demo coming this month (December, 2010), we will not be able to publish our preview. We have our suspicions about other reasons why, but will refrain. Simply put, we will not do any coverage of Dead Space 2 prior to its launch.

Rating: 2.4, votes: 15

#1 Dec 1, 2010 12:06:25 Dec 01, 2010 17:15
What a terrible article. You’ve made it astoundingly clear that you know absolutely nothing about what made the first Dead Space so great. Even through your sarcastic remarks and criticism, you’ve made Dead Space 2 sound like an even better game. No, I obviously have not played Dead Space 2, but what you’ve written here indicates that the gameplay elements that made the first game great are still present. What I got from your article is that there are new features and changes to liven it up a bit and to improve the overall flow of the game. My only guess is that you wrote this to bait someone into actually commenting on one of your articles, given that there are a grand total of 0 comments and 0 ratings for all of your articles on the front page. Maybe if your understanding of specific games improved then people would actually care about your website.
#2 Dec 1, 2010 23:37:54 Dec 02, 2010 04:43

after reading this ridiculous article, i had to join just to comment on this...logitechvirus i completely agree with you and (the reviewer) have absolutely no idea about games to be obviously dont know what made the first dead space so good and furthermore you dont know a good horror game, the dead space franchise is an incredible one and is miles ahead of anything in its genre. i believe this article is just a poor attempt to attract readers and this article is insulting, dead space 2 is definetly in my opinion, one of the choices for game of the year 2011 when it comes out, the gameplay is incredible, the graphics are the best in the modern day and the tension, atmosphere and storyline is just intense and fantasticly disturbing. this article is a pathetic joke

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