Rock Band 3 Review (Xbox 360)

Posted by Shane Dickson (Oregon Slacker), Dec 14, 2010 12:02

Rock Band 3 is by far one of the best sequels in the history of the follow up titles, it is by far the best, and most feature packed Rock Band yet. It is a perfect symphony of rhythm music games with real music making it an instant enjoyable game for those wanting to learn, become pro, have a rock band party, or even if you’re a solo act.

Rock Band 3 Basics

For starters, it of course has increased music tracks, new music library organization and share options, and even options to hide the music you don’t want to play, and/or rate your favourites based songs. Rock Band 3 also introduces the new keyboard controller, allowing you to not only smack the ivories on some of the best rock songs of the 80’s, but also allows you to match Elton John’s Tommy-Esque Pinball Wizard tactics on any song you choose (meaning you can choose to play the keyboard on any guitar and bass lines if you so choose).  The new addition of Pro Modes lets you take the game further then previous titles by adding more sophisticated playing modes for drums, guitar, or even the new keyboard if you so choose.  Rock Band 3 has also increased capabilities to expand your band up to 7 players at time, including keyboard, drums, guitar, bass, and up to three vocalists.

Let’s kick off the review with an in-depth look at the new features, starting with the Music library changes.  The new redesigned music library system allows users to create custom playlists, save these set lists, and even share them with friends, They’ve also included filters to make it easier to locate your favourite songs that you want to play, and hide those that you don’t. there is a 5 star personal recommendation system which allows you to suggest tracks from your entire music library based on your own track preference.

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Our Rating for Rock Band 3 Review (Xbox 360)
10.0 Replay
New songs updated regularly, new career modes with goals and rewards, and learning modes make this a game that won’t get dusty anytime soon.
9.0 Graphics
Almost the same graphics as previous editions, but still top of its class for rhythm/music genre
10.0 Sound
Includes awesome tracks from several decades and ability to include your previous Rock band library
9.5 Gameplay
Truly great gameplay, with the only downside being the cost of Pro Mode equipment.
9.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Plenty of DLC available including the new Billy Joel DLC on the 14th, as well as 2-7 player online support and leader boards make this a great game to play online with friends
9.5 Overall
Simply the best Rock Band yet.

Rating: 1.4, votes: 17

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