Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania Expansion Review (PC)

Posted by Iain MacKinnon, Dec 21, 2010 10:10

When I first played Majesty 2, from Paradox Interactive, I really did enjoy it. There are a lot of games out there that I like but Majesty went beyond that, I thought it was an injection of fun into an old and often tired genre. Majesty 2 Battle of Ardania screen 1This expansion, the second for the game, is a continuation of the original idea. You get a new campaign to play around in as well as a few more multiplayer maps to work through as well, but it really is just more of the same. But in the case of Majesty 2 this is no bad thing, and like the old saying goes, why fix what isn’t broken?

As before, when you begin a level your are given a basic castle and a few peasants and have to build your base of operations around that all the while defending from sporadic attacks from pillaging wolves, skeletons, minotaurs and more. Once you’ve built up a sizable force it’s up to you to go out into the world and start to fight back against the aforementioned monsters, all the while aiming towards a main goal such as destroying a building or defeating a specific enemy.

Majesty 2 Battle of Ardania screen 2There are times when the single player campaign can get painfully annoying, and often these occur when facing the main evil entity of the specific level. These creatures often have incredible amounts of health and it can take a long, long time for you to wear them down. If you have a large enough force you can often defeat them quite simply, but there were many times when I interacted too early and my smaller force was easily defeated, leading to the long and arduous process of resurrecting my heroes to assault once again. This is made even worse if your main base of operations is also being attacked and you have no heroes back home to defend it, they’re all waiting to be brought back to life in the graveyard.  Of course you soon learn where you went wrong and in subsequent replays you soon solve the problems of the past, it just might take a few tries.

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Our Rating for Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania Expansion Review (PC)
7.5 Replay
Skirmishes and a campaign that has multiple options for completion so plenty replayability.8
8.0 Graphics
Bright and quirky, plenty to look at and impressive for the price.
6.5 Sound
Exactly what you’d expect from this sort of game, nice but can get repetitive.
7.5 Gameplay
Not much added for this expansion, but why change a formula that worked so well in the first place?
6.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
More maps and cooperative missions, well worth a play but not a game in itself.
7.0 Overall
A nice addition to the original, worth it if you enjoyed the first game, but not the most innovative of titles.

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