Back to the Future Episode 1: It’s About Time Review (PC)

Posted by Jim Cook, Dec 25, 2010 09:07

Back to the Future is a film franchise that seems like a perfect fit for an adventure game; while the movies had some incredible action in them there was also an emphasis on solving problems in creative ways. With this in mind, Telltale Games has stepped up to offer the first in a series of episodic games based on the films and they’ve done pretty well. Extremely similar in play-style to their Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island games, players will find that the main reason to get this is to enjoy a BTTF-themed story.

Without getting too heavy into spoilers, this first episode starts a few months after the end of the third film, specifically in 1986. You control Marty McFly, guiding him in talking to people and gathering items needed to solve various puzzles. The first few pretty much hand you their solutions, meant to serve as tutorials for those who may not have played an adventure before and they do this well enough; genre veterans will want to turn off these various hints in the options menu. Once the preliminaries are dealt with, the real heart of the adventure lies in the Hill Valley of 1931.

From there, Marty finds himself scrambling to help people and solve problems without radically changing history as he knows it. Several nods to the films come up throughout, and fans will probably love seeing the Back to the Future world from another perspective. One of the things this episode does right is capturing the feel of the films, both in terms of the wild situations Marty finds himself in and how the story is told. Christopher Lloyd has returned to voice Doc Brown, and while Michael J. Fox wasn’t able to voice Marty McFly there is a great replacement; A.J. LoCascio sounds very similar, such that within just a few minutes of listening to his voice I was able to easily accept that I was listening to ’Marty McFly’ speak in the game.

While this episode is a faithful addition to the franchise, it has some snags. There are a few locations in 1931’s Hill Valley that are simply not well fleshed out, which is a shame since the game doesn’t let you go to very many in the first place. Likewise, a few supporting characters are boring or written such that their main humor is run into the ground quickly; thankfully this is for the supporting cast, not major figures like Doc and Marty. The episode is also a little short even for Telltale fare, and can be completed in just two to three hours. That’s including several extremely easy puzzles, which one can only hope was an attempt to attract those not familiar with the adventure genre.

Yet these flaws don’t outweigh the things this first episode gets right. It feels like a proper Back to the Future story, such that existing fans will enjoy the nods to the original films while also looking forward to this new chapter in the story. Like most first episodes in a Telltale adventure series, "It’s About Time" gives up some of its immediate momentum in order to set up the details and major plot points that future episodes will build on. So while it might not be the best episode they’ve done, it’s still very good and worth playing just to see how this story will grow.

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Our Rating for Back to the Future Episode 1: It’s About Time Review (PC)
2.0 Replay
Extremely linear, hurt further by this episode being shorter than most Telltale adventures and having less to explore.
8.0 Graphics
Well designed and reasonably faithful to the ’look’ of the franchise, though a few animation snags pop up from time to time.
8.5 Sound
Doc and Marty are very well voiced (the former by Lloyd himself and the latter by a convincing sound-alike), carrying much of the story. The music is also great... when you hear it; it’s often drowned out by voices and sound if you don’t tinker with the volume in the options menu.
7.5 Gameplay
Extremely easy even for an adventure game, the real charm lies in using the genre for telling a fun Back to the Future themed story.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
N/A; This is a single-player game only.
8.0 Overall
A great starting point for a new chapter in the BTTF franchise, fans will be well served by this.

Rating: 3.4, votes: 7

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