Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

Posted by Shane Dickson (Oregon Slacker), Jan 18, 2011 08:23

The Need for Speed team has really came out with a treat for the NFS series fans with the new Hot Pursuit. This game has the qualities that loyal fans, as well as new players will enjoy. The combination of racing, chasing and weapon usage without the need to worry about tiresome part manipulation, gives this game the makings of being the best racing game released over the last couple years. It has a pair of career modes, for both single player and multiplayer experiences in several different race modes, making driving each straightaway and navigating every curve of the tracks, a thrilling experience throughout the entire ride. The Autolog feature adds a totally new twist to community and social gaming allows players to share their experiences, awards and times while dynamically issuing calculated challenges for you and friends to experience a new wave in social competition.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 1

The game has high speed police pursuits in some of today’s most exotic cars by makers such as Lamborghini, Masarati, and Pagani, so whether you’re an outlaw speed junkie trying to increase your bounty, or a hot shot police officer trying to rise through the ranks, you’ll be pushing the limits and driving at speeds that your parents would have thought next to impossible in their days of growing up. The setting in this chapter of the series is the SeaCrest landscape, a multi-faceted coastline with mountains, deserts and forests a plenty, a virtual playground for cops and racers alike. The atmosphere in Hot Pursuit is designed to make your heart beat faster when you make the fast zig-zags through oncoming traffic and every intense high speed drift through corners.

Need For Speed hot Pursuit 2


One of the most intense features of the game are the weapons that give you the extra edge over your opponents. The weapons and support options help to level the playing field on some tough tracks that you will encounter. The racers have at their disposal radar jammers to block the police weapons, spike strips to shred the pursuing officers tires, EMP’s to damage and slow down opponents and cops alike, and finally, turbo equipment to advance your speeds well beyond the normal limits of your car. In combination these advanced weapons will help you gain notoriety as your strive to become the most wanted speed junkie in Sea Crest.

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Our Rating for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Review
9.0 Replay
Cops or Racers, this game will continue to excite you long after you have beat the events, having your friends to compete against as well dynamic challenges just keeps the racing thrills coming.
9.0 Graphics
I ran into a few graphical glitches with trees, but other than that the landscape and crashes were just realistically intense, not to mention the high definition rendering of screenshots taken in game.
9.5 Sound
You can really hear the engines in these vehicles purr, you’ll be grabbing for the Oh S#it handle as you hear your tires squeal in the drifting around corners.
9.5 Gameplay
Different career paths, multiple modes per career, and exhilarating racing without the hassle of car setups, what more could you ask for?
10.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
New Autolog feature and online/offline importing of friends racing data adds a dynamic challenge to your average online race against your friends experience.
9.5 Overall
Truly one of the best racing games ever made it, if you haven’t had the joy of playing it, I’d recommend picking it up the next chance you get.

Rating: 4.7, votes: 3

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