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Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jan 26, 2011 12:31

Virtual Air Guitar Company, the developer, started with, no surprise, a virtual guitar which used a camera and analyzed your movement to play the guitar. Now they’ve moved on to cooler things like live-action Kung Fu games. Myself and Shane have both seen this game in action at shows and now we’ve got it here in the office to play in the comforts of our own confines. Does it live up to all the hype that’s surrounded it?

Well first off, without perfect lighting the game is frustratingly difficult to play. In fact, I have yet to find the perfect lighting setup. It occurs to me that what that really means is overhead fluorescent lights. Since most of us don’t have that kind of lighting at home, you might never find a very good setup to play this game. Secondly, even when it looks like, in the camera setup screen, that you’ve got a good deal going, it still doesn’t seem to work well during actual play.

It seems that without perfect lighting your character constantly floats around the screen. If you try to do a forward kick your character will float off into the air from time to time. Other times it simply won’t register the moves. If you move too fast or too slow it also won’t register.

Kung Fu LIve Screen one

How fast is too fast? Good luck trying to figure that out. For those of us, like myself, who have actual martial arts training, too fast is anything remotely close to actual speed. Too slow, is a hair shy of just right. So really you’ve got a better shot at not triggering a move than you do at triggering one it seems.

Now like I said, I have yet to find a good lighting situation for the game, even though it gives you all manner of tips on how to set that up. During the day, lighting was poor with the window covered and with the window uncovered. Even though I was wearing a dark red shirt and blue pants it was unable to actually fully discern me from the background which was a dirty white. Apparently you’d need to wear your black ninja outfit for it to fully recognize you against a bleach white background. Really rather disappointing considering how decently it did all of this on the show floor. Of course, they did have those overhead fluorescent lights I was talking about earlier so that’s probably why it worked so extremely well there.

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Our Rating for Kung Fu LIVE Review (PSN) - Playstation Eye Required
6.5 Replay
IF, and that’s a big IF, you can find a usable environment you’ll probably have a blast. For the majority of us, it will lose its appeal quite quickly due to poor recognition by the camera.
9.0 Graphics
Great comic book look and feel and overall story.
9.0 Sound
Also very well done and fitting for the flavor of the game.
5.0 Gameplay
I could simply not find a way to play the game. No matter how many lights I used or how high contrast my clothing was in comparison to the background, I could not play the game fully. Great as a tech demo, horrible as a game in my mind.
7.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
There is multiplayer in the game but since I couldn’t find a usable setup for single player multiplayer just seemed like an exercise in futility.
7.0 Overall
Scoring this game is difficult. I’ve played it in an environment that worked well. However, many of us will want to play in our bedrooms or living rooms and this simply does not seem to be easily accomplished. All those show floor booths had completely plain white walls and very bright overhead fluorescent lighting. IF you have an area like that to play it will be brilliant, if not, it will totally suck and I would suggest you skip it.

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