DC Universe Online (PS3 version)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Feb 08, 2011 10:20

DC Universe Online is, in case you’ve been living under a rock without any access to comic books or technology for the last few years. The long-awaited MMO based on DC Comics. It was cobbled together by the online gaming experts at Sony Online Entertainment and Warner Brothers Games.DC Universe Online Logo

DC Universe Online is, in no particular order, unstable, poorly designed, ultra-repetitive and not all that much fun really. It’s certainly not the worst MMO available today, but for all the hype that surrounded its development, the fact the Jim Lee was attached to it and all the coolness that could have been, it’s a huge disappointment.

I was really eager to play DC Universe Online, that is, until I saw Champions Online on the same day back in 2008 at GamesCom. Since then I had a sinking feeling about DCUO. Well, now it’s here and my sinking has hit rock bottom. While I’m writing this, the game is attempting to load on the Playstation 3. I should rather say, it’s gone to a black screen of doing nothingness which is going to force me to quit the game and restart it. Worst case scenario, it has hard locked the Playstation 3, again, and will, again, require a full system reboot.

So my major question is, how the hell did you make a game so bad that it locks up a system which never changes? I can understand some small amount of instability on the PC since there is a veritable endless array of hardware configurations available. But every Playstation 3 has just about the same hardware, not to mention that it’s your system. So how could you not manage a fully stable game for it? Well, I’ve just given in and quit the game to go back to the... oh look, it rebooted the whole system, again. I’ve seen community ports of games from one platform to another that are far more stable than this game is.

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Our Rating for DC Universe Online (PS3 version)
6.5 Replay
Lots of mindless grinding of the boring repetitive type. Still, it has some shining moments, they’re just extremely few and far between.
7.0 Graphics
They’re good. But I don’t know that I’d call them PS3 good, even if it is an MMO.
6.5 Sound
Voices and items will simply play over each other making them unintelligible. It’s like they had no audio processing queue or thought you might trigger more than one item at a time.
6.5 Gameplay
There’s lots to do but it’s mostly wash, rinse, repeat type stuff. At higher levels you get to open Raids and Duos and you can PvP or PvE as you please.
6.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
There are several things to do here but in the end it’s all about beating the crap out of other people. Well it’s not, but that’s what all the other players seem to think 99% of the time.
6.5 Overall
Not all that great considering the hype, the power (platform, property and producer) and the development time. I had expected something with a bit more panache and style. Instead it’s a literal grindfest interlaced with DC-themed stuff.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 3

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