BulletStorm Review: Violence, Skillshots and a Colorful Use of Vulgarity (PC)

Posted by Shane Dickson (Oregon Slacker), Mar 01, 2011 12:35

Intro: The Plot

 BulletStorm’s intro story is one that players have seen a dozen times in movie plots, so I wassteer it a bit hesitant to really get too far into the game. Within moments of the introduction you find out you’re playing a special op assassination agent named Grayson Hunt who was betrayed by his commanding officer when he finds out he’s been killing innocent civilians and just completed a task of killing not some evil tyrant, but rather a reporter who was going to spill the beans on his team “Dead Echo” for being civilian killers.

Grayson goes rogue and decides instead to start a war with his commanding officer, one that leads eventually to a bounty on his head and results in a confrontation of his ship vs. his former commanding officer’s flagship. This confrontation unfortunately results in Grayson sacrificing most members of “Dead Echo” for his own lust for revenge. Grayson loses all but one member of his squad, and the one left, Ishi Sato, has to become half cyborg in order to survive. Grayson feels a sense of guilt for the decision that cost him his crew and is willing to go to hell and back for Ishi to help him survive and get to a better doctor who can end Ishi’s suffering and pain from the internal struggle vs. the AI of the cyborg part of himself. This really adds to some of the game’s humor as Ishi is at war with his logic processor and Grayson spends a lot of time offering up one liners to keep his friend’s mood lightened, needless to say, these lines had me laughing a few times throughout the adventure.

Bulletstorm screen 1

BulletStorm GamePlay:

BulletStorm offers a few modes of gameplay;

  • campaign - where you play through the storyline
  • echoes: choose an arsenal and loadout to compete against others in the leader boards for the most skilled kills
  • multiplayer mode anarchy: similar to Zombie modes in the COD series where you team up with friends and go through different waves to dominate each map.

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Our Rating for BulletStorm Review: Violence, Skillshots and a Colorful Use of Vulgarity (PC)
6.5 Replay
With limited multiplayer modes reminiscent of COD zombie style survival modes, and single player echoes mode to compete for leaderboards, only the truly competitive will find the fun in replay .
8.5 Graphics
Great graphics with plenty of eye candy in both the environment and kill animations.
8.0 Sound
Sound was great quality and accurate to weapon firing and positions, only used 5.1 sound out of my 7.1 sound system possibilities.
8.5 Gameplay
At first I thought this game was going to be play for an hour and put down, but I’ve found myself drawn to the intense skill based fire fights
7.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Multiplayer mode consists of a co-operative mode called Anarchy, where you use skill kills to purchase weapon upgrades and use teamwork to play each wave and proceed to the next map, there were cool skin unlocks available but not much else
8.0 Overall
A great step forward in the art of shoot-em up games, the addition of skillshots turned this game into a very entertaining and addictive experience.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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